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y teens think parents dont understand?

Why do teens think parents don't know anything or understand there situations or feelings. If you answer could you please state your age so I can better understand your answer

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Because this is a human cycle, and it renews itself EVERY generation.

    I am 61 years old, and I clearly remember my poor father asking why each generation did not get smarter and build on the knowledge of the previous generation. He was dead serious. He was one of those rare individuals who had tried hard to listen and obey his father before him. He was having trouble with my brother acting like a jerk at the time.

    I also was a strange teenager and actually believed my parents had brains, unlike a lot of my peers, who complained about their parent all the time.

    Sooooo when I had kids I thought they would be sensible. Silly me! My first born had to learn a lot the hard way --- could not take my word for anything after she turned 14, If I said the sky was blue, she would argue that it was turquoise or azure, anything but the color I picked out.

    The second child was a lot more grounded I must admit. God must have wanted to save my sanity at some point. Haha.

    Anyway teens just have to go through this it seems, as a matter of breaking away.

    My own dear mother said that if they did not drive us crazy, we would never want them to leave home. So maybe that is Nature's way of separating kids from their families and helping them out of the nest.

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  • 1 decade ago

    20 and still arguing....

    As the years go by generations change. Things are different now than they were 26 years ago when my parents were my age and we fight all the time about things. Most recently my hair. I got a mohawk, dad's argument is that 10 years from now I'll be going to get a job and I wont get it because the lady will remember me as the chick with the mohawk. He also says its an anti social hairstyle and all I'm getting it for is to be a punk and scare people off. My side I want it because I like the way mohawks look, I don't care what other people think and its a very common hairstyle today and not in the same sense as it was 30 years ago. I have a job and my boss loves my hair. Point being, parents and their kids will always argue about something or another. The way people grow up affects the way they feel. Every situation is different so even though "mom and dad" may have gone through something similar they don't know exactly how you feel.

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  • Joan
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    I have no negative or positive opinion about teen parents. I don't care enough about the topic to have an opinion other that I am not a teen parent and that is great. However, I must say, I find your argument of fertility among adults in comparison to teenagers' fertility to be quite a stretch and very simplistic. You must try to see things beyond what your experience as a teen mother are and recognize that in the larger scope of things it is a bad idea for teens to become parents. It creates social problems for everyone that could have been avoided by using some common sense. Does that give people the right to punish you or your son forever? no, of course not but personally, I don't think you deserve a medal either and teen pregnancy should still be seen as a problem rather than a norm or a good idea, not to punish you but to address the importance of sex education, birth control and the importance of preventing more teens from getting pregnant. People have negative opinions because of the social problem that unwanted, uncared for children pose today and will be in the future. Not all teen parents are neglectful or incompetent and not all unwanted, uncared for children came from teenagers, but contrary to the rosy picture you have with your own experience, it is still not a good idea for teenagers to have babies. Because teenagers in North America are not financially independent or resourceful enough to raise a child. A lot of the responsibility of raising a child in this situation relies on other people, the parents, the school system, the well-fare system, coworkers etc. And these people resent the fact that even though these parents have access to birth control methods and are aware of how babies are made they still decide to bypass common sense and have a child. On top of everything they often want to be celebrated and applauded. Personally, I don't buy into this "wonderful and perfect" teenage parent picture that so many teenagers want to believe on. Not to say that you are a bad mother or that I could do things better (reason number one why I don't have kids) but it is not as simple as saying "oh how cute is that baby? It is awesome that you are a teen parent". You are not a terrible person. People should understand that punishing you for something that cannot be changed is pointless and let it be. You are not stupid, however, you made a stupid decision at some point and that one time decision had a very important consequence, a teen pregnancy. We all do stupid things, it doesn't mean we're stupid, just bad judgement. But teen parents are not the madonna incarnated either. My own mother was a teen mother and she was pretty bad. I honestly believe that it is better to have a child once you have had experience in the real world beyond friends and family, you have a solid career to save money in preparation to support a child and ready to give back to the community what it invests on your child instead of just taking for him/her and for yourself.

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  • 1 decade ago

    i am a teenager. i tell my mom a lot. it is because i have built up that trust to talk to her. not all teens are like that. you can't expect your child to just trust you. 1. you are the adult. the person who gives punishments. teens might also feel like they might get in trouble because of something they did or something another person did. they don't want their parents to shut them off from their own friends because THEY made bad desicions. 2. it might not be something directly related to them, but they don't feel like they should share someone's personal business with anyone, including parents. 3. They also don't have the experience. I am sure you yourself learned life lessons the hard way. I know it may be hard, but they need to too.

    just give them time and space, and try to understand what they are going through. don't be too forceful because that will only make things worse. the tighter you are on teens, the more of a reason they have to act out.

    Source(s): a teen who has gone through a lot
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  • Anne W
    Lv 6
    1 decade ago

    27 here. and they dont for the most part. my parents still call me "their baby" and dont understand that i need my privacy, (i am getting married this sat). they are constantly wanting to know my business and half the time they dont understand, i think its a generational gap. they made me have a curfew until i was 22 i mean come on. i wasnt even living at home anyone. this has now caused our relationship to be strained, i have moved hours away and only see them twice a year.

    and lets admit that most times parents think about things according to them and not their children. their parents. they should just let their kids fly away eventually or you will not have a relationship with them.

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  • 1 decade ago 21 but this is what I personally felt as a teenager. My parents wouldnt give me a chance to explain things..they would just jump to conclusions and yell at me, instead of allowing me to tell them the situations. I was a good kid I guess, I never snuck out or did anything behind their backs. But it was hard when they just jumped to conclusions and assumed. They never allowed me to explain myself. Thats how I knew they didnt understand, bcuz if they did, they would give me a chance to calmly explain what happened.

    Looking back on it, I guess they just yell at you and ground you bcuz they know how the world they know a lot more than the teens do....they see everything through different perspectives. I guess they are just trying to protect the teens though.

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  • 1 decade ago

    18, so I'm past the arguing point with my parents.

    Parents often can't explain to gets the full reasoning behind what they want. Obviously, when a kid wants to drive faster, they can say they'll be safe etc, but its only after a friend dies that way that they'll really learn.

    Parents just have more experience to build off, so they realize that life isn't as simple as it seems.

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  • Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    Parents want the best for their kids, so they tend to give too much advice. They don't want their kids to repeat any mistakes they made, so they try to control the children and act like they know what is best. However, parents should let their children make mistakes and learn.

    Source(s): I'm 19.
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  • 1 decade ago

    16 and between..

    I feel that my parents don't understand me

    sometimes because I don't tell them everything

    I suppose if I told them everything that went on

    I would feel as if they understood me perfectly, but something are just

    to embarrassing or personal that I don't want them to

    understand or know what's going on for r

    hopethis helps in someway eal

    ,so in a short ending teens feel their parents don't

    understand because we don't tell them everything

    which leaves them out of the know

    which in turn makes them not understand us as much as they would like to

    Source(s): me
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  • 1 decade ago

    it depends on the situation, because depending on how old the parents are, technology has changed and affects the way that things happen and the way drama may happen. problems and solutions are based on technology a lot now.

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