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Should toilet bowl seat covers be left up or down?

There is a difference of opinion in the household on whether the cover should be up or down. I say down, otherwise, why should they be there?

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    Down for sanitation purposes. The reason is that when the toilet is flushed with the lid up, the contents aerate in the room, which spreads molecules of toilet water and any other substances in the toilet water all around the bathroom. Another good reason (and more toward the etiquette side of the question) is that the inside of a toilet is not pleasant to look at.

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    Toilet Bowl Seat Cover

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    DOWN... i know the guys will disagree and as long as they are bachelors they can do that, once a woman is ruling the roost, must be down. also, and this is one of those germ things i read about.... and if you dont believe me fine.... but it makes sense.... ok so not the seat, but the cover is up when you flush the toilet.... all the spray when you flush the toilet comes out of the bowl and lands on everything.... your toothbrush, your bath towel, all your nice stuff..... so needless to say, lol, i always put the lid down when i flush the toilet, the toothbrush comment alone should be enough to scare anyone.......

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    Unless you are completely handicapped and have no use of either of your arms, I think most people are pretty capable of lifting the toilet seat to whichever position suits their needs best without any muss or fuss. And yes, I'm a girl. Do people seriously get into FIGHTS with their significant others over something as stupid as the toilet seat? How pathetic! I could think of about a dozen other ways to waste my time.

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    Depends on the people.

    As a male I leave the toilet seat up(not just the cover) and when my fiance uses the toilet she leaves it down (cover up). I don't have many guest peering into my bathroom looking at my toilet.

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    Down is the best due to aspects such as visual appearance, water evaporation, and possible transmittal of smells. If you are alone in a place, you really get to chose, but down is better.

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    Down is the most correct from an etiquette point of view.

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    If you have a cat like mine, you leave it down, then he can't swim in it...

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    You are correct.

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