Have you changed the oil in your smart car?

If you have - Did you have problems removing the oil drain plug? I have a 2008 Passion Cabriolet bought used two months ago. The oil filter came off without any problems and it had an OEM oil filter.

I assume the oil plug has right hand threads. I used about a 4' breaker bar with a 24 mm socket and put on 150 ft lbs or maybe more and it didn't budge. The torque spec I have for that plug is 48 ft lbs so the 150 plus ft lbs should have broken it free. Please let me know. Thanks.


Doug, yes, as I stated in the question I assumed right hand threads. Yes, I have a digram of the engine layout and that is the oil plug. If you want to see one that big look at a smart car. Rear engine with the oil plug near the right rear tire,

MK3, yes it is oil plug according to the engine layout diagram or rather diagrams as I have several and all have the oil plug in that location.

1 Finger, I believe you are correct, it was over torqued. It isn’t leaking now and understand Mercedes uses a top oil changing device. Now if enough torque is applied to loosen it then it may leak when reinstalled.

Ale, yes I’ve tried a constant pull as well as instantaneous by hitting the ratchet with my hand.

Andrew, that makes some sense if I knew that Mercedes did the work. I’ve no records indicating who has serviced it.

Update 2:

1 Finger, I've concluded that you are correct. Thanks!

Update 3:

1 Finger, I've concluded that you are correct. Thanks!

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    yea I've seen the problem on several occasions being a real mechanic, what happens is some podunk $6.75 per hr, oil changing retard with an impact wrench changed your oil before you bought it, this is the guy with the bad teeth and the look of a meth abuser that wouldn't know a torque wrench if you shoved it up his butt, usually found at the local Jiffy Lube, with any luck you can get it back out with an impact, but if over torqued the threads are done and the only real real repair is a new oil pan, or you can take the advise of some of the other answers you may receive and just install a heli coil, but my answer to those tards is , hey I hear Jiffy lube is hiring,

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    Yes. Warm up the engine for two or three minutes. Forget the drain plug. Unscrew the oil filter. Start the engine at a slow idle for 20-30 seconds and the oil will stream out of the filter thread. Turn off engine. Install oil filter. Top up with new oil. It will take three quarts or just a bit more. About a pint will not leave the engine. Takes 10 minutes or so, right at home.

    You may think I'm crazy for allowing the oil to drop low for a few seconds. The new oil will be in the engine for a few hundred hours. It's not significant.

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    4 years ago

    2008 Smart Car Problems

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    "i went to change my own oil today (20k mile change) and i couldn't get the oil plug off. after trying for almost 2 hours, i called my local smart center and asked if they knew what was going on. after talking to a service tech, they said that my oil pan was stripped, and that even if i could get the plug out, it wouldn't go back in. they said that they've seen several of these, and it will be covered under warranty. has anybody else been experiencing this lately? mine was an early '08 build."

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    7 years ago

    24mm...that's the size

  • Doug W
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    1 decade ago

    All oil plugs turn counterclockwise to unscrew. Never use a 4 foot breaker bar on those. Id be surprised you didn't break it. 24mm!! What are you looking at? I have never seena drain plug with that big of a bolt.

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    1 decade ago

    Occasionally a "pull" won't get it?

    Did you try poping the end of a ratchet with the ball of your hand? A sharp smack!

    Source(s): Small engine repair.
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    1 decade ago

    Yeah check ur manual i dont think ur tugging at the oil plug..

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