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Anonymous asked in PetsDogs · 1 decade ago

Could someone tell me about the maltese dog?

My sister wants a maltese and I told her I would help her but that is like one of the few breeds I don't know about. Hers will be kept with a short hair cut. She (and I) should know things like:

1) Grooming and bathing (short haircut)

2) Temperament

3) Size and Weight

4) Feeding

5) Extra important stuff or tips

Thank you for all your help. If you can't answer all of them, thanks anyway. All possible facts are needed.


6) Life expectancy and living environment

7) Exercise

8) Wouldthe maltese be good for a first time owner?

8 Answers

  • Peyton
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    1 decade ago
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    1. Extensive coat care is needed for the Maltese. Shampoo once a week and daily brushing is essential to keep the coat from matting. Special attention is needed to keep the eyes clean as staining is possible.

    2. Temperament: Maltese are friendly and alert. They are very lively as puppies, running around the house in sudden bursts of happiness. They are agile, entertaining and happy dogs. Maltese are generally good with older children, and are fairly adaptable. They are comforters, fastidious and loyal. They are wary of strangers, but friendly. They are trusting and fearless as well. They can be prone to anxiety if left alone for long periods of time, but are otherwise playful and fun.

    3. Height: 5 - 10 inches.

    Weight: 4 - 7 lbs., though 7 lbs. is disqualifying.

    4. 3/4 cup Twice a day. Do not feed later than 6 pm Or it will be going to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

    5.With Children: It may not tolerate younger children, but they get along great with older children.

    With Pets: No, does not mix well with other pets. Health Issues: Maltese are generally healthy. They are, however, subject to genetic eye disorders. Other health issues include collapsing tracheas, liver shunts, hypoglycemia, skin allergies, and white shaker dog syndrome (disease that causes the dog to have full body tremors, most common in West Highland White Terriers, Maltese, Bolognese and Poodles). Watch-dog: Very High. The Maltese is a very alert dog and will bark at anything unusual.

    Guard-dog: Very Low. They are generally friendly, and although fearless, much too small to defend.;

    6. Living Environment: An apartment is fine for the Maltese as they are a small, relatively quiet dog if trained. The Maltese makes a good dog for the elderly if they can socialize and take time to groom and play with them. They are very adaptable. The best owner for this breed would be a family or individual with enough time to care for the Maltese, living in a suburban, rural or city environment.

    7. Indoor activity will suffice for exercise, but Maltese will enjoy a walk or a run in the park. They should be trained from puppyhood not to bark unwarranted or bite, as teething causes most puppies to want to bite everything. But all training should be done with a positive, firm attitude. Indoors - Very High. Outdoors - Medium. Puppies sometimes like to zoom around the house in "figure eights" in a sudden burst of joy.

    8. Yes, 50-50 The maltese needs a lot of grooming you need to clean the tear stains everyday but are good for first time owners!

    Good luck!!

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  • Claire
    Lv 5
    1 decade ago

    1) Grooming and bathing (short haircut)

    Grooming recommendations: pin brush, metal comb, detangler spray, (optional) shampoo/conditioner. Brush every other day. Professional grooming every 1-2 months depending on how fast coat grows

    2) Temperament

    affectionate & playful

    3) Size and Weight

    a well bred Maltese would be around 6 lbs but I've seen byb bred Maltese as small as 3 or large as 14

    4) Feeding

    Timberwolf is an excellent brand to try

    5) Extra important stuff or tips

    Socialize excessively, Malteses should ear a harness because their necks are fragile, avoid using those stupid potty pads or whatever indoor training people market. Small dogs can be house trained to go outside. Maltese are also prone to tear stains so if you don't like hideous reddish brown stains I suggest you get Angel's Eyes. Also, there's a Maltese forum filled with owners/breeders who talk about everything about the Maltese:

    6) Life expectancy and living environment

    15 years life expectancy, I'm not sure what you mean by living environment? Don't get a Maltese if you have kids don't know how to handle a dog. Don't get a Maltese if you already own a rowdy dog who might hurt the fragile thing. Maltese makes a great apartment dog.

    7) Exercise

    30 minute walk a day.

    8) Would the maltese be good for a first time owner?


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  • Tasha
    Lv 5
    1 decade ago

    1. Should be bathed once a month, but brushed every day to prevent mats and dirt.

    2. They are playfull, and can be a little nervous at times. They love their families, and kids who are GENTLE. The maltese is better off with older kids who know how to handle a dog, or adults.

    3. They are considered "small dogs" and they weigh up to 4 - 7 lbs and their height is 5 - 8 inches.

    4. When adults, they should be fed once or twice a day.

    5. Can be nippy with strangers and kids if not trained properly. So train them at a young age.

    6. They live around 11 - 16 years.

    7. They have a low energy level for they would be happy with one walk a day. They do not need too much excercise.

    8. The Maltese would make an okay dog for a first time owner. They just need proper training and proper care and a responsible owner for themselves.

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  • Hey there - I grew up with a maltese so I do have a bit of experience.

    1. Grooming will be easy if you keep her hair short and out of her eyes. Bathing is a simple task because they are small. I usually washed mine in the sink :)

    2. Great temperment. Very independent and HYPEERRR! But a good time and never had any posessive issues or anything...

    3. No bigger than a mid-sized cat. Probablly about 5-10 lbs.

    4. They don't need much food (since I have big dogs now, I laugh at how much I fed the maltese) Probablly 3 cups all throughout the day.. Just watch her weight and adjust accordingly.

    5. They (mine anways) was difficult to potty train so I would suggest crate training. It makes it so easy and they learn much quicker.

    6. My little maltese lived to 16 years old!

    7. LOTS of exercise. They are very high-energy dogs and need lots of walks.

    8. I think any breed is going to be a challenge for a first time owner, but these guys are small and pretty easy to manage so I say YES! Go for it!

    Have fun! Owning a dog is the BEST responsibility humans can have. Just remember rules, boundaries, and limitations. Be the PACK LEADER! :)

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  • 6 years ago

    I'm going to keep it short and sweet. I have a three year old Maltese. She is so smart and sweet. She doesn't bark a lot. She was very easy to train. She is great with anyone that comes over. Everyone that meets her just adores her. Low maintenance as far as that goes. If you keep the hair longer, that can take more time. They also DO NOT SHED!!! :-). I would highly recommend this bread. They are the best!

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    I have a maltese and they are awesome... they are very social and sweet. They are small and cute and I know this isn't rally giving advice about the dog but definately get one... and they are not very hard to train... I would also suggest getting a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. They are adorable and amazing. Hope this helps =D

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  • and search Maltese

    For the ones I can answer;

    A Maltese is fine for the first time dog owner, generally easy to care for, it's a toy breed so can do well in an apartment or smaller house. Two shorter walks a day should be fine for a Maltese, and grooming is pretty easy, a good brush and groom.

    Toy breeds can be harder to potty train though.

    But otherwise your sister should be fine with a Maltese!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Grooming website:

    Temperament website: (This website has info about lots of other things about malteses)

    Feeding website:


    expectancy: 10- 12 years


    Extra info:

    (In one of these articles it will most likely tell you if they are good for first time owners.)

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