24 season 8?does anyone think it will be as bad as season 7.?

I use to love 24 till season 7.what happened?Did they get new writers.Janeane Garofalo????? What were they thinking.Do they not know who the demographic is that watches the show.Can someone tell me if they know if the show will be worth watching.


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    1 decade ago
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    david - I used to be an ardent supporter and watcher of 24...but the last 2 seasons have been a great disappointment for me...if it doesn't get better it might be the last season for me and my friends.

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  • 1 decade ago

    24 is without the slightest doubt in my mind the best show ever!!!

    I have to agree that the last two seasons haven't been its best, but even if those were the only two seasons ever to air, it would still be my favorite show.

    I thought season seven was much better than season six was, but I hated that fact that Janeane Garofalo was in it.

    She nearly ruined it for me.

    I've hated her for years.

    I also hated that they brought Tony back from the dead, and made him the bad guy.

    Next to Jack and President Palmer, he was my favorite character.

    Season eight is supposed to be very similar to season seven, so if you didn't like that one, you most likely won't like the next one.

    Source(s): HUGE long time 24 fan!
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