What album are these Beatles songs from?

Lady Madonna


Hey Jude

Hello Goodbye

Can't buy me love

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    lady madonna didn't originally appear on an album.


    one version of revolution appears on the white album


    hey jude was a non album track


    hello goodbye was on the american version of the magical mystery tour, but not originally on an album first time around.


    can't buy me love was on the hard days night album.


  • Most of these were specific singles and not from any album per se... They were put onto compilations quite quickly, though.

    Lady Madonna was released as a stopgap single because they were heading over to India for three months. All the others were released on the album Hey Jude, which was released while they were still together.

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    The album "1" has all of these songs except for revolution.

    If you want them separetly:

    "Revolution" (versions 1 and 9- the most common one is 9) is on "The White Album"

    "Cant Buy Me Love" is on "A Hard Day's Night"

    "Hello Goodbye" is on "Magical Mystery Tour"

    "Lady Madonna" is on "Hey Jude"

    "Hey Jude" is also on "Hey Jude" as well as "Revolution", and "Cant Buy Me Love"

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