Can you bring a camera into the Beacon Theatre in New york?

I am going on friday to see Nick Jonas and the Administration at the Beacon Theatre in New York. I just bought a new camera and was wondering if they allowed cameras into the concerts there.

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    Some events permit them. For example, the "Video Games Live" concert not only permitted it, they even encouraged the use of video cameras and posting the resulting videos on the Internet. Note the wide collection of available videos on YouTube from that event.

    It is a concert - if you go to Native New Yorker's link and read a little further, it says "For concert events, this policy is at the discretion of the artist. Please call Guest Relations at 212-465-6225, any weekday during normal business hours, for more information."

    In other words, the correct answer is MAYBE you can bring one in. If the performer allows it, go crazy.

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    According to the website for the Beacon Theatre:

    "For family events, 35mm and digital cameras will be permitted into the Beacon Theatre, however, you must refrain from taking pictures during the performance. Taking photos during events is distracting not only to the performers, but your fellow patrons as well. Video cameras/recorders are strictly prohibited. This policy will be strictly enforced."

    If you have farther question, you can contact the Theatre's Guest Relations Office at 212-465-6225, during weekday business hours.

    Good luck

    Native New Yorker

    Source(s): (FAQ from the Beacon Theatre)
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    You are not allowed to bring cameras into the Beacon Theatre. My friend brought one just this week and got yelled at for taking pictures. (Even though he was recording) But you still can't record while the concert is going on.

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    I used to bring a pocket microwave and popcorn. My friend had the refrigerated coat with beers. Oh wait this is not a dream question. I would bring in small candy. Some brought in Pizza. Then the theater banned all the outside food.

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    Sorry to say but during the concert ur not allowed to. But u can take pictures before or after.

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