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Do you think that solar powered energy for homes will catch on in the Philippines?

In all the times that I have been to the Philippines I have not seen any solar powered homes. This is confusing for me because I think that filipinos could greatly benefit from it.

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    Actually, the Philippines has the largest solar power plant in Southeast Asia and number 9 among the countries in the world having the largest solar power plants!

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    It is a bit pricey yet for the Philippines. The 12 volt Appliances you can find there are junk. And the batteries they buy from China are junk as well. So it has some problems to over come there. Still cost prohibitive there to use. There are a few homes there with solar power. Mostly expats. And I have never heard them speak well of it there. Most just play with it a bit. Wind looks better. As a power source to most there.

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    No. i won't no longer the place I stay.. in case you reside interior the barren region in line with hazard you could. the concern is photograph voltaic is barely good 4 to six hours an afternoon if the sunlight shines. you could save in basic terms plenty capability. Say it rains for 2 weeks. you're in hardship.

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    you'd think they would. But considering too many lard-*** lackeys get a share from Miralco, then it's not going to appear anytime soon.

    (The same reason you'll never see centralized transportation)

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