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after mechanical engineering ME or join Indian air force?

hi i have interest in Indian air force and studying further may be abroad, which is more worth ?

i can do hard work. can study even if work for Indian air force? what category can i go in air force?

if study abroad where ? which branch? and can i still join army?

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    Apply to the IAF and if you qualify in the selection tests, you will undergo 18 months of training at Air Force Training College (AFTC), at Jalahalli, Bangalore and you will be commissioned as an officer. You will rise minimum as Group captain. Air Force gives plenty of opportunities to its engineering officers to do post graduation. They have a selection test for that purpose and you need to qualify in that but most people make it. So I would recommend you to join Air Force if you get selected. But the process takes quite some time. Hence to keep your options open, appear in GATE and join ME/M.Tech. If you are selected by IAF, you can leave your post graduation and join IAF as you will get the chance again later. Good luck

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    As a lay man, I can tell you that you can not become FIGHTER PILOT at this age. When you was at plus 2 level i.e. about age of 16 you should have compete for NDA than you could have become Fighter Pilot but at this level you can join as Engineer in Indian Air Force through Graduate Course or through Short Service Commission only. Ay present you have cross the age for NDA.

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    The Indian Air Force (didn't know India had an air force) sounds like more fun than being an engineer.

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