Girls: facial hair: yes or no?

I have asked a lot of questions on here about womens attraction and the girls have been fantastic, I really appreciate it girls. Cheers.

Searching online for surveys pertaining to this topic all yiled the consistent result: Western women in general, in this age prefer clean shaven.

What most of these tests dont say is WHY?

I have heard some women say that they like facial hair because they feel clean shaven is boy-ish and they want a man.

What is it about facial hair (meaning anything from soul patch, to mustache to full beard - all styles) that you dont like?

Is it too domineering?

To intimidating?

Do you associate negative things to bearded men like a stereotype?

Is it to rough for kissing?

If its all about the kissing - then technically speaking this,http:%2F%2Fa...

would have not affect - its this an exception?

please state your age range so I can get a demographic trend!


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    1 decade ago
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    I'm seventeen.

    I love facial hair on guys, I find it unbelievably sexy. I mean, no caveman-esque huge bushy beards, but I adore stubble, mustaches and short beards.

    Sideburns, not so much.

    I've never found it too rough for kissing... in fact, I like to rub my cheek against it. It doesn't come with any negative aspects for me... unless it's this.

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    I tend to feel like clean shaven guys are too boyish. Facial hair makes a guy seem outdoorsy, kind of adventurous, and like he's someone who could build you shelter and hunt for food if you were somehow lost in the wilderness. There is that instinctual "this guy could take care of me" reaction on my part.

    Yeah, I adore it.

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    1 decade ago

    I'm 23. While I have met some guys who have been exceptions, I generally prefer clean shaven guys. They seem more approachable, like I really know what they look like, and I feel like I'm able to better get to know the real them. They also come off as more kissable.

    Facial hair makes a guy seem older, less approachable, less personable and less friendly. It can look great on guys, but when it comes to the guy I'm in a relationship with, it's just... I don't know, reminds me too much of men that are too old for me? Stereotypically goes with guys who are more domineering which can be a little scary? Some styles of facial hair, anyway.

    Clean shaven just comes off as a lot more casual, like, "Yeah, I'm a guy, but I don't feel like I have to flaunt it." Maybe it's attractive because it's a sign that the guy doesn't stand firm to certain gender roles. It's much less intimidating for a woman who doesn't want to be trapped in those roles. I don't know, those are just guesses.

  • 4 years ago

    I understand I am a man, however I proposal I might chime in in this query. If making a decision to put on facial hair, make certain that you simply preserve it neat, trimmed and smooth to the contact. Say no to the beards until you already know you are going to seem well in a single. If you are saying sure to a beard, then make certain you preserve it neat and used a softening gel on it in which it's smooth to the contact. If you cannot develop a whole beard then do not even check out. Shave often. Nothing appears worse than a patchy watching beard. If you're dressed in a moustache, then make certain it's trimmed and no hairs are sticking out beyond the lips. Also make certain that the pointers of the moustache does not pass beyond the corners of your lips in which the highest lip meets the backside lip. If you're a more youthful guy who is simply developing facial hair, then make certain you shave till your facial hair is fuller and thicker. Nothing is extra tacky than rocking a pube stache. Some men love to put on a goatee. Many ladies like them. It makes a person seem like a rough man. If making a decision to put on the sort of, then like a beard preserve it smooth. Make certain you shave the relaxation of your face in which the goat is extra distinguished in your face. Say hell no to lengthy sideburns and the "red meat chops". It did not seem well on Elvis and it such a lot undoubtedly would possibly not seem well on you too. If however you're an older character like I am, you could desire to preserve it blank shaven. I preserve it blank shaven when you consider that it makes me seem more youthful and extra colourful and my facial hair is graying. If I grew my facial hair, then it makes me seem older. When I shave my face, it exposes my excellent circular youngster face. Whatever making a decision, keep it up and preserve it neat and trimmed or shave all of it off.

  • 1 decade ago

    For a girl 30-40 yes probably a small amount of facial hair,40-60 facial hair is nice and 29 or younger,Dont count on a date tonight sir!Thanks,<3Maddienm

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  • 1 decade ago

    I'm sixteen and I personally don't go for overly hairy guys, it just bothers me like the way it feels, but there is some guys who look good in beards don't get me wrong. Would I date them? probably not.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Ew. That pic is a no no that guys beard just kills his looks. I find males attractive when their shaved cleanly...

  • 1 decade ago

    beards are meant to grow. so let them.

    the full ones are the best. they're the most natural/ beastly looking.

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