Radioactive materials that do not emit gamma radiation?

I am aware that Americium only releases alpha particles. I imagine there are more materials that act similarity. Some links to good lists would be excellent.


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    Well, there are lots of radioisotopes that do not emit gamma radiation, try these links:


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    X-rays are one in each and every of those electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength indoors this type of 10 to 0.a million nanometers, corresponding to frequencies indoors the style 30 to 3000 PHz. X-rays are known for diagnostic scientific imaging and crystallography. X-rays are one in each and every of those ionizing radiation and as such must be volatile. the photograph shaped by potential of technique of x-rays on a snug action picture is termed a radiograph. Gamma rays (many times denoted by potential of technique of the Greek letter gamma, ?) are an energetic form of electromagnetic radiation produced by potential of technique of radioactive decay or diverse nuclear or subatomic suggestions which incorporates electron-positron annihilation.

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    That's got me thinking, The Hulk powered up by gamma rays doesn't give off radiation. Maybe he's more dangerous than we think.

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    What's alpha particles dude?

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