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Kurt Angle vs Bret Hart (in his prime) + YWCW Extreme Rules results pt.2?

Match Four:

Hardcore Match

Charlie Scene vs Broken Dream vs Chicken Wings vs Shaun Cold Stunner

All four men shake hands and the match starts. Chickeen Wings attacks Shaun Cold Stunner,while Broken Dream goes after Charlie. Chicken Wings throws Shaun out of the ring and jumps ontop of him.Shaun puts his knees up to block Chicken Wings falling body,and they begin to brawl outside the ring. Meanwhile in the ring Charlie and Broken Dream are going at it.Charlie whips Broken Dream into the turnbuckle and Suplexs him off of the top turnbuckle. Meanwhile outside of the ring Shaun whips Chicken Wings into the fan barricade,and attempts to pick him up,but Chicken Wings reverses and DDT's Shaun right onto the hard mat below. Chicken Wings then picks Shaun up and whips him into the steel-stairs on the corner of the ring. They explode off the corner as Shauns body collides into them. Shaun rolls around in pain as Chicken Wings advances towards him,picks him up,and Bodyslmas him ontop of one of the stairs. Shaun doesnt go down alone though,as he tucks Chicken Wings head under his arm,so as CW slams Shaun,Shaun DDT's CW on the steel-step as well.Shaun quickly regains and for the next three minutes continues with controll. Charlie finishes Broken Dream off in the ring,and throws him out. He then advances outside the ring towards Shaun,and attempts a clothesline,but Shaun reverses it into a Stunner. As Chicken Wings gets up,Shaun connects with a Stunner to him as well and pins him for the win.

Winner: Shaun Cold Stunner

Main Event:

Hell In A Cell Match for the YWCW Championship

Justin vs Fallen Diablo vs UndertakerY2J vs Phenominal HBK vs Y2J The World Is Yours vs Graudation Bear (c)

All six men shake hands as the Cell lowers and the match begins. Fallen Diablo and Justin fight on one side of the ring,Y2J TWIO and PHBK on another, and UY and GB in another. Fallen Diablo and Justin trade blows on each other while Y2J and PHBK do the same. UndertakerY2J throws GB out of the ring,jumps from the top-rope to the Cell and bodysplashes right onto GB. As this happens Fallen Diablo throws Justin outside of the ring,and then right through the door. The cell has been opened. PHBK throws Y2J outside as well,and dropkicks him down. PHBK then clotheslines FD and dropkicks Undertaker Y2J. He then looks at GBs knocked out body and begins to climb to the top of the cell. Y2J,Justin and UY follow after him. PHBK waits for them uptop,and one by one the match begins to unwind to an end. PHBK throws UndertakerY2J off the cell and then Y2J and Justin double team him. As they take him down they look at each other and begin to trade words of rage. They begin to trade shots to each other. Finally in the end,Justin hits Y2J with a hard left knocking him off the Cell. As he looked down at his work,PHBK snuck up behind him and SWEET CHIN MUSIC'D HIM RIGHT OFF THE CELL! PHBK then connected a 20 foot moonsault,landing perfectly right ontop of Justin,and the crowd screams "HOLY SH*T HOLY SH*T HOLY SH*T!!!" Even the ref looks surprised and you can see his mouth form the words WTF as he counts to three.

Winner and New YWCW World Champion PHBK!!!

Sorry for the crappy mainevent but i have a stupid ******* parent who wouldnt stfu. :)

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    Kurt Angle vs Bret Hart would be a dream Wrestlemania main event caliber match. I say Kurt Angle wins

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    bret vs kurt is a dream match and would be the most tecnical match of the decade kurt is damn good but bret is just a lil bit better

    winner bret

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    "Wrestling's Only Olympic Gold Medalist" Kurt Angle FTW!

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