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Who are your favorite singers?


Freddie Mercury

Layne Staley

Chris Cornell (Soundgarden and Euophoria Morning days)

Shannon Hoon

Marvin Gaye

Sam Cooke

Dean Martin

Charles Manson (yes, that Charles Manson)

Hope Sandoval

Elton John


Forgot some... Dax Riggs, Townes Van Zandt, Roy Orbison

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    Brian Mcknight

    Justin Timberlake

    Whitney Houston

    Mariah Carey

    Alicia Keys

    Christian Aguilera

    Ricky Martin

    S club 7

    The Saturdays


    Chrisette Michele




    Jennifer Lopez

    Shaina Twain

    Taylor Swift

    Jesse James

    Celine Dion

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    Cedric Bixler

    Anthony Green

    Matt Embree

    Corey Taylor

    Ozzy Ozborn

    David Draiman

    Jim Ward

    Anyone who doesn't know who Cedric Bixler is will forever be without the greatest music known to man if they don't look him up. He's been in many bands, played many different styles and genres, and I've never disliked anything he's done. If you take the time to listen to a little bit of each album he's ever been a part of, I'm SURE you'll like something.

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    Top 5 (I favor singers more for their voices than anything)

    1. Kei Lee

    2. Gackt Camui

    3. Freddie Mercury

    4. Hyde Takarai

    5. Kyo (Dir en Grey)

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    Michael Buble's voice is beautiful

    The leader of snow patrol has a nice voice too

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