Russian Report? HELP?

Ok. I'm homeschooled. Need to write a report on Russia and my mom wants EVERYTHING. Can you give me a key like for ex.

Population, Climate, CUlture, etc

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    Area: 17,075,400 square kilometres

    Population: 142,008,838 (2008)

    Capital City: Moscow

    People: 81.5% Russians; 3.8% Tatars; 3% Ukrainians (more than 100 nationalities in all)

    Languages: Russian, Tatar, other

    Religions: Orthodox Christianity; Islam; Judaism; Buddhism

    Currency: 1 Rouble = 100 Kopeks

    Major political parties: United Russia, Communist Party, Liberal Democratic Party, A Just Russia

    Government: Federation

    Head of State/President: Dmitri Medvedev

    Prime Minister/Premier: Vladimir Putin

    Foreign Minister: Sergei Lavrov

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