Kissinger referred to military personnel as "dumb, stupid animals to be used" as pawns for foreign policy.?

As Kissinger has been one of the major figures in US foreign policy for decades, doesn't it give you pause for thought about the opinion the policy makers hold about the people on the ground... and even the policy itself?


"Kiss the Boys Goodbye: How the United States Betrayed Its Own POWs in Vietnam"

It seems someone here is actually dumb enough not to be able to confirm quotes for themselves...

I think you'll also be very interested in the name Bo Gritz - if you can be bothered to look it up. ;-)

Update 2:

Majorgoose, you have an extremely high opinion of yourself: your argument (and assumption of my position) say otherwise.

Update 3:

Kissinger IS widely quoted as saying this and no, it does not seem to be a *direct* statement about Hague - it seems perfectly clear, he's a diplomat and language is a strength!

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    Without a doubt. Then you couple that with the fact that Kissinger was the one who groomed Obama and put him in a position of power.

    Of course, we who are informed know what the MO is; a new world order.... as Kissinger says himself ....

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    Only the serfs are still sleeping, like sheep. It really is sad, and is a tough battle to pull the wool from their eyes, BUT, we must continue to try.

    "Everyone carries a part of society on his shoulders, no one is relieved of his share of responsibility by others. And no one can find a safe way for himself if society is sweeping towards destruction. Therefore everyone, in his own interest, must thrust himself vigorously into the intellectual battle." ~ Ludwig von Mises

    @majgross: Try reading 'The Trials of Kissinger', and maybe then you can see, from a new perspective, what reality is.

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    I recall hearing somewhere that Hitler had an equally low opinion of his military also. Capitalism "needs" to expand: without expansion there are no increased profit margins or increased dividends (ergo share ownership actually drives countries to war with each other. I'm sorry for anyone who cannot see that.) Military personnel are the people to be slaughtered when capitalism needs regenerating, as warfare both creates work and the room for population expansion! The powers-that-be have in place such laws as to ensure that they always benefit; no matter what happens. It is we humans who suffer.

    There was a time when I also believed that if I worked hard I could be rich. Surely intellectual wealth is far better than financial wealth. Now I know enough to not care about wealth at all.

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    The people always have been used by those in power-not the other way around.

    Machiavelli knew this, Han Fei Tzu, Sun Tzu knew this and of course, Kissinger knew this.


    He wasn't completely wrong.

    He was wrong on "...dumb, stupid animals..." but the rest was correct.

    A solider is lied to, yes-that does not make him a "dumb, stupid animal" though.

    Remember, a thousand years ago, if you believed that the Earth was flat-you were wrong-but you were not stupid. With the information that you had at that time, you likely had what was then a well-informed opinion.

    Information can be wrong, of course-either on purpose or due to a lack of ability to acquire correct information.

    So with the information that a solider has-or more correctly-is given-a solider is well-informed to the extent that it is felt he needs to be.

    Sadly still,

    When intelligence is found among recruits-an attempt is made to bring them above their contemporaries so that his abilities are made use of. It is generally the uneducated, young and the misinformed that make up the meat and bones of any army.


    An unquestioning, loyal and fanatical devotion to the army is the true goal. Intellect stands in the way of this.

    I am not agreeing that a solider IS a "dumb, stupid animal" but that this IS the goal of the military.

    To question your superiors slows things down.

    What is desired is what I stated above, an army of "dumb, stupid animals".

    Marching, drilling and slogans like "One two three four I love the Marine Corps!" are designed to instill conformity and quell individual thought so that hesitation is quelled as soon as possible.


    Even in the Martial Arts, we drill and drill until we no longer have to think of the technique to use it. It flows from us without hesitation, for maximum effect.

    So Kissinger was only partially right, it is not that they ARE, but that their GOAL is to be-"...dumb, stupid animals..."

    I am sorry if this in some way offends the sensibilities of those who read this-but this is the ugly truth of war-the plague of mankind.

    Only by understanding the symptoms and cause of a disease-can we hope to cure it.

    Source(s): Most of my short life studying the nature of war and humanity.
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    Kissinger was once considered to be the anti-Christ and has since covertly manipulated the processes of history and is most likely behind our Shadow Govt. Much of this is conjecture and the truth is difficult to extrapolate since he is a master of deceit. Military people are broken down and then rebuilt to be tools of their superiors. It is vital to have this in the ranks since rogue troops oft only get killed. Kissinger's opinion of them stands higher than his opinion of us, the sheeple, and I would like to add my thanks to the men and women of our military forces who stand in harms way on a daily basis and yet they continue to serve. They are truly valued by all of us but at the same time we would also like to express to our govts that there are alternatives to war. Our govt too often uses war to mask and shield their ulterior motives and this waste of time and personal needs to cease immediately. Why go to all the trouble of having a war in order to steal oil from Iraq? Why not just take it and avoid the bloodshed on both sides?

    If Kissinger DID say what you claim in your unsourced question ... who cares? That is like asking if anyone cares what Hitler thought when he was murdering the Jews. What they did or are doing is wrong and THAT is the focal point here. It doesn't matter what they think ... what is important is that they cease their activities all together.

    I AM


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    Agree with CharlieFoxtrot

    I know Bo Gritz, he was around when Lyndon LaRouche was a perennial candidate, even from IBM (Iron Bar Motel). His newspaper, the New Federalist.

    Peas in a pod.

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    soldiers are pawns in the politics of oil hungry politicians. Look at Iraq; despite the fact that we 'liberated' them; we pump oil out of there while giving them only 5 cents per barrel. Whereas here in Canada; we have government politicians complaining that we aren't making enough off of oil by only being given 60 cents per barrel. This is nothing short of colonialism in the sense that we use third world countries as feeders for our own economies. As if soldiers care about economic injustice; if they're told to kill, they will. All they are, are brainwashed uber-patriots that will do anything for their flag regardless of the moral consequences.

    My father lived in Pakistan. And during his time there; the government changed more than 10 times in a three week period because the CIA conducted assasinations to create a more favorable government towards the United States.

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    From a British point of view the Duke of Wellington, the bloke that beat Napoleon, considered the British soldiery "The scum of the earth". He was considered one of our best ever generals and was apparently loved by his soldiers. He then went on to become prime minister. So any politician probably thinks much the same in private, he said it in public.

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    O, yes I believe that that the elite play war games with our troops, it was how the Rothschild family made their fortune, they used to be called Bauer, I think it would interest you to look it up on the net, The History of Rothschild.

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    He was specifically referring to Alexander"I'm in charge here"Haig whom he hated. Kissinger had great respect for the men and women in the service....unlike you.

    Kissinger served in the Army in WW2 as a German interpreter with the 970th Counter Intelligence Corp and received an Honorable Discharge a few months after the war ended.

    Code pink goons that loath the military LOVE to pull up this quote in an effort to demoralize young troops without ever pausing to research the context.

    edit: Oh and saying he is "widely quoted" is total BS. The phrase appears only once and it is hearsay. Bob Woodward reports K. as saying it in his book "The Final Days" in chapter 14. That's the SOLE source of the quote. So if you want to, without question, trust one source from a man who built his entire professional reputation on smacking around the Nixon administration, that's your choice.

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