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BCS Title game: Alabama v. Texas- Who wins and why?

I strongly believe Alabama will win, but this is what Texas has going for them.

They have had everyone in their ear saying there going to lose.

Heisman winners usaully lose bowl. Badford,Tebow,Troy Smith,,Bush.

Colt McCoy is one of the best qb's in the natio

There undefeated for a reason

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    I agree, but I still think 'bama is gonna shut em down. Texas BARELY beat the Cornhuskers. I am a Texas fan, but I will not be surprised if they lose.

    With that being said:


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    The biggest differences between the heisman winner and the others is alabama's defense.

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    Heard That SEC are Undefeated for BCS. They are worry about Texas...

    Beat Texas going win.

    HOOK 'EM!!

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    well alot of people think texas played all shitty teams this year so that is why they think they will lose but it is too close to call who will win it will be an amazing game.

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    I don't care for either one of these teams. It'll probably turn out to be a real dog game.

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