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Anonymous asked in Politics & GovernmentMilitary · 1 decade ago

Is the US the greatest contemporary terrorist?

Very, Very short list of US military interventions:

The list was compiled by Doctorate Students at UC Berkeley, Harvard, and Evergreen as a side project. But, like i said, it's a very short list.

Some of my favorite examples of blatant US terrorism and hegemony from the list:

- 1963 Iraq: CIA organizes coup that kills president, brings Ba'ath Party to power, and Saddam Hussein back from exile to be head of the secret service.

- Iran 1953: CIA overthrows the democratic regime and installs the Brutal, Repressive Shah

- Chile 1973 CIA overthrows democratically elected government and installs the most Ruthless military dictator in South American history, Pinochet

- And of course, my absolute favorite, G.W. Bush invades Iraq to "save Iraqi's" (i.e. secure Economic, Geopolitical, and Strategic Interests). The war has minimally led to more than 100,000 Poor Iraqi's dying (according to the NEJM: and maximally more than One Million, according to the most respected medical journal in Britain, The Lancet (just do a google search).

So, is the US the greatest terrorist country in the world today? Or is it Israel, with it's cruel, nefarious Occupation of Palestine? Which Colonizer is the worst today?

As a related question: Why do we expect people to be Peaceful with us when we Rape their homelands to extend our hegemony? Why should they be Peaceful with us when we're Never Peaceful with them, when we're such As s holes?


Bonkers: overthrowing democratically elected governments doesn't beget fear or terror?

starting brutal Wars of Aggression that lead to more than 850,000 deaths to secure Economic, Geopolitical, and Strategic interests doesn't engender terror?

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    How do Christians know the Bible is God's honest truth-- they don't know; they can only take it on faith, like any other religion. What makes the Bible possibly not true? If you mean true as in "the true word of God" then I believe it isn't true in this sense because there are so many errors, contraditions, and mistranslations in it. The Bible is not a complete work of fiction; people in it were writing about their times and lives. However, I do believe it was just their opinions-- like they may have said "God made the ground shake" when really there was just a naturally occuring earthquake. They were superstitious and had no scientific understanding so they attributed an earthquake to Gods anger, looked around and said "it must be his fault-- God must not like what he's been doing and that is why he made the ground shake and the city fall." Truth is they were just in a bad place at a bad time and that guy's actions had nothing to do with the earthquake. It's what they believed, doesn't mean they were right about it all. The ancient Greeks used to believe that the trees would shake and create wind... it was their explanation. We now understand it is the wind making the trees shake and not the other way around.

  • 1 decade ago

    You clearly don't know the meaning of the term terrorist.

    Committing a violent act does make a person a terrorist. A terrorist's goal is cause cause fear and create a sense of terror. A terrorist typically uses violence to achieve this, but it is not necessary.

    So, according to you, the US did all this, not for any reason other than to cause fear? Bizzare.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    No. However, the greatest contemporary idiot asks the same question repeatedly in one day.

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