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What Donald Tsang should do to respond the public anger of 30,000 protesters in January 1, 2010?

I try to make it short to express myself more clearly about how and why Hong Kong sucked under the good for nothing, a fascist, a catholic freak, a liar, a callous man has no compassion to the aged and the kids and the poor. Why Hong Kong becomes so messy under Donald Tsang Yam-kuen's regime? You should read the SCMP.com first.http://www.scmp.com/portal/site/SCMP/

It is estimated there were between 20,000 to 30,000 protesters gathered in the Central of Hong Kong protesting about Donald Tsang is misrepresenting the Hong Kong public at large.

1) The kids were expressing Tsang's unconcerned to the poor families in which 400,000 children are living under the poverty line. They don't have a full meals every day. Many of them are needed to pick up the scraped newspapers and cartons to support their parents and frequently needed to compete or confront with another group of the aged poor. This reflects the Hong Kong social stigma of Hong Kong boasting the income per capita (estimated average of the overall HK employed) of is exceeded HK $ 43,000 per month. If so, how come so many visible poor in Hong Kong? They throw eggs into the mouth of the self made Donald Tsang, s ugly head in the public. Donald Tsang is public accused incumbent chief executive, many are cursed him to drop dead on a daily basis.

2) The main reason for this organized gathering protest is aimed for the universal suffrage for every legislator seat in the Lecgo, including the politicians in every constituency and the suffrage for the chief executive.

3) Many protestors are sought for the immediate release of Liu Xiacbo in front of the Central government liaison office of Hong Kong.

4) A small group of Tsoi Yuen Tsuen Village is opposing the government aided project of Shenzhen-Hong Kong Express Rail. This will destroy their home-stead in the village for decades.

5) Many are protesting those so called functional legislators which are elected by the small circle voting process or simply appointed by the powerful and empowered political body. They can't recover the loss of the many investors who brought the Lehman Brothers mini bonds which is lost billions. However, Donald Tsang's relative got the first crack of full compensation from the banks almost one year ago. Is this another kind of conflict interest?

Mant younger groups are demanding for better education, better health services, cheaper housing prices, more low rent public housings for the low income groups.

I can foresee Hong Kong will have the never ending problem of discontent of the majority citizens. Regarless of their social status in the low, middle, or even upper ranks, they all will ask for more. Hong Kong peoples are named as typical greedy, selfish, and fear of losing or reducing the individual assets or possessions.

Hong Kong government have do the followings to strip away the public angers every day.

a) Cut the overall overpaid civil servants salaries ranging from 2% to 60%, depending on how much each individual is overpaid by comparing with the international pay rate standards.The liberal pension funds for the retired civil servants in 2008 is estimated ranging from HK $10,000 to $ 85,000 per month, or 66% of those retiree base salary of the last month service. What a good deal.

b) Establish the universal pension fund of at least HK $ 3,000 per month to replace the present mean fruit fund of HK $ 1,000 per month. Then all those retired ordinary citizens can afford to live in this listed as the number 5 of the most expensive cities to live in this world.

c) The financial think tank must put effort to burst the bubbles in the stock market and real estate. They all should learn it from the best China premier, Zhu Rongli. THis will make HOng Kong becomes a cheaper city to live. http://search.yahoo.com/search;_ylt=A0oGk7yr8T5LJ6...

d) Donald Tsang should play his leading role to axe his own too much overpaid salary from the current HK $ 410,000 per month to at least HK $ 210,000 ( which is probably still higher tha Barack Obama.

The public anger is basically don't have the foods on the tables. Wage disparities between the workers between the public and private sectors. The are usually compared with 120% to 600% higher for the public sectors (in cluding the public funded organizations hired professionals in financial, education, health and public works to the private sector employees doing the exact identical works.

I can't stand the messy of the Hong Kong system. Usually, I don't ***** about the present electorial system. However, Donald Tsang can't even do above-described the baic needs of the Hong Kong peoples of a, b, c, and d. I would rather to see suffrage in Hong Kong in 2012 then many can vote him out of his office. We can try a better chief executive in the near future to be elected by the true democracy. I am aged 86. I told my nephew and niece to march on the front line in the protest. They did stay in the middle lanes al


They stayed in the middles all the way. Donald Tsang Yum-kuen is being described as a lame duck chief executive and a stupid lamedbrain political leader by a few freelance writers and journalists in Hong Kong that leads a bunch of money graspers of top officials responsible for every ministry. They all with unacceptable report cards rated by the public at large. They all should be sacked and to be replaced by new officials paying 50% to 40% of their current overpaid salaries are ranging from 500% to 600% of officials in most developed countries all over this world. Are they dare compare with the US and UK officials? They certainly not!

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    This is rather lengthly.

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