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Doesn't the book of Job show how cruel, violent, and sexist "God" can be?

This isn't an attack on Christians or anything, I think Christians can be great people just like anyone else, and I'm not trying to challenge your faith, but why doesn't any Christian female pay attention to the fact that in the Bible (and up until the 1980's) women were treated as property of their husbands??

Like in the book of Job, "God" killed Job's wife, kids, animals, and whatnot as punishment. And then when Job's trial was done "God" gave Job a new wife and kids to make up for the fact he took his other wife and kids away.

How do you justify the fact innocent people were harmed in an attempt to teach Satan that a person wouldn't loose faith in "God" no matter what?

In the time the Bible was written women were literally seen as property of our husbands, but now that we live in a more advanced society where women and men are socially seen to have equal class why doesn't anyone notice this?

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    Women still don't have rights today, I mean look at the third world countries. They aren't treating women any better. That was back then and this is now. We don't treat women like dirt (i am one btw) and I love God. I do notice it but I can't rewrite the Bible, it's already been written. It doesn't say "thou shall treat women like property."

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    Have you not studied in school, how Christianity promoted women in society and broke down the barrier which existed with the traditional Jewish religion? Some of Jesus' closest friends were women. Women throughout Bible held positions of Prophetesses, etc. In the NT church, women were given various, spiritual gifts and positions within the church. Many cultures either hold or held women as second class citizens. Many countries today, women are suppressed and they are not al "Christian" Countries either. Japan, China are two - not to mention many more. The Europeans when they came to North America, women were the servants of the men. concerning the story of Job, it was not God who tested Job but Satan (a.k.a. "Tempter") . God blessed Job both, before and after his trial by Satan. No one is actually "innocent" before God [potentially, humans can be as rotten as Hitler when placed into similar circumstances]. The Old Testament does not apply to Christians anyway since it was written for those under the OLD covenant [contract]. Christians are under and subjugated to the NEW Covenant [contract]. Place the blame where the blame really belongs.

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    The book of Job is not about God and what he did and did not do it was about Job and the thing he so greatly feared had come upon him and his pride which will always lead to destruction notice what/we live in a different time and dispensation what was then is not now keep up things change people change God never changes how you think and what you do and how you see things and the choices you make is why we are in the state we are in your actions affect me directly or indirectly all the way from the top down

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    You need to read Job again for starters. Job's wife was his only family member that didn't die. She begged Job to curse God and die but he wouldn't do it. As for the bible's view of women you have obviously not read Corinthians where it states that men are to love their wives as Christ loves the church. You would be hard pressed to find a love greater than this. Women were also greatly used by God throughout the Bible such as the only female judge Debrah, the great women of faith named Ruth, and ect... Lastly it is ironic you question God about the book of Job because a huge section of the book is God answering Job's own questioning. God returned his questions with questions like who created you and were you here before the foundation of the world ect....

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    No, this test is visible throughout the universe. showing Satan's true personality and Jehovah's true personality.

    Job's wife: told Job to curse God and die. How supporting !!!! Not! She is not killed.

    Satan: a liar, harmful, manslayer, and evil. Afflicts Job with very painful sores!

    Jehovah: beneficial Father, puts limits on Satan's designs, proves truthful, and righteous, holy. He gives Job twice as much as he had before and gives him 140 years of life.

    Job: shows great faith, great integrity, completeness. He is blameless and upright.

    Satan has killed and influenced millions harmfully. He caused one third of the angels to rebel and therefore, get kicked out of heaven.

    They are awaiting imprisonment in a place of darkness called Tarturus.

    Also, you forget God is able to resurrect any that He deems worthy. Therefore, no permanent loss. Job's wife is not killed.

    About women's place.... you need to read First Corinthians about love, marriage and read it in the Amplified Bible. Women had significant roles in the early church. Do some research.

    Source(s): I'm a researcher.
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    Why don't you tell me what Job's wife said to him?

    (The wicked phrase she uttered)

    Nobody is "innocent" you have all broken God's Ten Commandments.

    The man is the head of the house according to God's word. That does not mean women are inferior but God has assigned the authority to men. Don't forget the woman ate the apple first.

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    This question demonstrates a lot of ignorance.

    however, the point of the book of Job was to show how much faith in God Christians must have- and not to make God seem cruel.

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    It has been awhile since I read Job, but as I recall, Job was stuck with the old bag. And these are my words for her. She was no kind of support for him, telling him to "curse God and die." I don't see Job as sexist. More like a treatise on how not to act as a wife.

    Why can't I see the Bible as sexist? Ha. Because I am a 42 year old woman with a ton of modern life experience. We are given lip service today as women, but we are working our butts off doing way too many jobs.

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    I have the same questions about that book in the bible. But you got to realize that God has answers that make sense, we just don't see it with our limited view of things. Seek God for answers.

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    God did not kill them. Satan did. And that was the way people were back then. Many references in the bible prove that these are wrongs. You lack basic understanding.

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