Best apps for ipod touch?

What are the best apps that are $0.99 or less for ipod touch?

And, does the Ipod Touch 3rd gen 32gb have a microSD card slot to expand the memory?


I meant, like if i used up all my 32 GBs, is there a slot that i can put a MicroSD card or something like that so i can have more memory

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    1 decade ago
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    it depends.

    do you want games, networking apps, music apps, useful apps, or just plain random apps?


    Asphalt 5 Free [racing]

    Chase the Dot [tapping on dots]

    Hoops Lite [basketball]

    The Deep [pinball]

    Tap Tap Revenge [like guitar hero]

    Music Quiz [Tests your knowledge on your music that you put in your ipod]

    iPark it! [parking cars]

    Diner Dash Lite [serving food]

    Mad Libs Lite [about 5 different mad libs]

    Truth or Dare [self explanatory]

    Free Games app [gives you online games]





    textPlus [unlimited texting]


    Pandora [customize your own radio station]

    MJ Trivia [For Michael Jackson fans(:]

    Drum Kit [play the drums on your ipod]


    Fandango [look up movies at your local theater]

    redbox [reserve your movie at a local red box]

    TurboCharger [charges your ipod faster]

    Top Free 200 [shows you the top 200 free apps downloaded]

    Alarm Clock [self explanatory]

    PS mobile [photoshop for your ipod]

    Flashlight [for when your in a dark room]

    Zippo Lighter [a lighter...idk why youd need it, like flash light]

    iDoodle2lite [draw!]


    SecureScan [fool your friends with a security scanner] [its rigged]

    MoodSenseLite [figures out your mood]

    Spongebob [tickle spongebob]

    Hope this helps!

    PS: they are all free.

    Oh and on my iPod 3G 8GB it doesnt have the slot for a MicroSD card sooo I am afraid that it probably doesnt have it on the 32 gb version.

    Source(s): my ipod touch 8gb.
  • Albex
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    1 decade ago

    Doodle Jump


    Tap Tap Classic, 2, and 3

    iPods use NAND flash memory with the exception of the iPod classic

  • 4 years ago

    exciting: Bii Ball Lite Fish wealthy person Lite Labyrinth Lite Scribble (kinda like paint on your pc) percentman lite puzzloop loose madshells reMovem loose Classics: checkers air hockey tictac loose hangman fourfree Wii-based video games: iBowl iBasketball SGN golfing Utilities/clever issues: ShopShop ToDo Lists Days till information what's on? saleprice backgrounds pretend-a-call wapedia (cellular wikipedia for ipod touch) google iTranslator WiFinder Spin the bottle clock remore flashlight MSN/facebook/different: internet msgr nimbuzz climate eye (climate) facebook iBaseball very almost each and all and sundry of those is loose, and extremely exciting and clever!:) one in each and every of those intense high quality thank you to pass time in college and waste different time.

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