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How do I disable tap click on my laptop?

I just got an Asus ul80 and my main problem with it is tap click. It is nearly impossible for me to use this laptop due to it. I will be getting a mouse for this laptop soon, but until then I'll have to navigate using the touchpad. I end up clicking with it by accident all the time and it is INCREDIBLY annoying; like I said, nearly impossible to use.

I have tried disabling it through mouse options, but there was no option there. I'm not sure where else I can go. I do NOT want to disable the entire touchpad, though, so no "Uninstall drivers!" or "Disable touchpad!".

Some help ASAP would be fantastic; thanks.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    The mousepad is set to doubleclick based on tapping it. Change the settings to be less sensitive or to remove that feature altogether and you should be all set.

    In Vista, go to Start > Control Panel > Mouse and select Change button settings. Click on the Touchpad tab. A new window will open - select Touchpad Settings.

    You can either remove the check from the box "tap to click" or experiment with the sensitivity and tapping speed settings to get them more the way you want them.

    These are the instructions for my Dell; the names of the tab and settings selection may be slightly different on an Asus.

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