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what does "hast du moar?" mean?

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    "Hast du" can mean Do you have -Hast du eine nagel? -"Do you have a nail?"..or it can mean Are you?-as in Hast du keine angst?-"Aren`t you afraid?"/"Don`t you have any fear"?...The word "moar" is not in my German dictionary...You probably did not spell it right..

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    The first two words, "hast du," mean "Do you have?" in German. I am not familiar with "moar" as a German word, so I assume that is the common internet spelling of "more." Thus, "hast du moar?" means "Do you have moar?"

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    "hast du" would mean "do you have?" my guess about moar is that it is a common way to spell more, so in German it would be "mehr." so if you mean "hast du mehr?" it would mean "do you have more?"

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