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United Nations and Environmental Sustainability?

I need help on this template for a paper.

"What should the United Nations do to promote the principles of sustainable development into country programs and policies, in

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    UN is the most bureaucratic and corrupt organization - to say the least.The question you should be asking is why the United States continue to support an organization that:

    1. Closes its eyes to rampant bribery and theft by its own officials?

    2. Allows a culture of "widespread and inherent corruption" to flourish?

    3. Shuts down internal organizations that expose criminal activity?

    4. Covered up bribes and kickbacks of over $10 Billion in the Oil-For-Food scandal?

    5. Proceeds with a multi-Billion dollar renovation during a global financial crisis?

    6. Is composed primarily of nations that hate the United States?

    7. Is funded mainly by one of the 200 nations in the world - the United States?

    Why should we foot the majority of the bill for an organization that squanders most of the money we give? We could do far more good throughout the world with a fraction of the money we pay the UN.

    Why should we provide a platform for terrorist nations, communists, brutal dictators and human rights criminals to spew lies about us and our allies? If they want to start an organization for their kind, they can pay for it. They could call it the United Rogue Nations. (And we could start one that only admits nations that respect human and religious rights, and have representative.)

    Finally, why should we allow this worse-than-worthless organization to squat on some of the most expensive real estate in the world (provided, of course, by generous old Uncle Sam) when it is commonly known that UN "diplomats":

    1. Spy on our nation country, engaging not only in espionage that compromises our national security information, but also industrial espionage that harms our companies and our economy.

    2. Regularly flaunt our laws because of diplomatic immunity. These "diplomats" have committed rape and murder on our citizens, and never been called to account.

    3. Rage to the media about how evil and corrupt they think the United States is, while living in luxury at our expense.

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    man has not been sustainable in over 10,000 years. OK, that's a fact.

    The UN isa so corrupt and full of stupid people who's only goal is to get more money, it is not worth talking about.

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    The United Nations is utterly corrupt and interested in nothing but promoting global Socialism.

    Luckily, it's a bumbling, completely ineffectual organization.

  • Anonymous
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    They could but they cant enforce it . Besides the idiots than run it cant run their own lives

    much less ours.

    It needs to be closed down .

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    Help Gaza citizens

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