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Mouse Double Clicking on Single Click?

This started happening out of nowhere. I click on a folder for a second and all of a sudden it opened the folder. and then I would hold down the left mouse button and it would open the folder without double-clicking but just by holding the button down. I can't move folders into other folders not because of this. I tried searching on the internet but can't find a clear answer. I also tried to go into control panel and slowing the mouse double click speed down but it didn't work. please help.

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    i can see that.

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    the main in all probability ingredient, my chum, is that the microswitch is knackered. regrettably, until eventually you're available with a soldering iron, and having the flexibility to unsolder components ... plus you're able to have a spare microswitch ... the final ingredient to do could be to purchase a clean mouse. Sorry.

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