Are there online support groups and such for self injury and depression in teens?

It seems these days I just need someone to talk to. It's so hard hiding the gashes and cuts and wounds from my friends and family. I'm too ashamed to tell them.. So I thought why not talk about it to someone whom I'll not see face to face?

So are there sorts of online support groups for self-injury and depression in teens? Free ones at that.. can't really ask my mom for her card without an explanation as to where the money's gonna go..

What are some of them?

Everyone keeps saying go to TWLOHA. I go on the site regularly, read the blog.. but I don't get how it helps? There's just hotlines to call and a blog and Renee's story.. and that's about it. What help is that?

Thanks in advance

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    I've participated in this group and it's a pretty good online 12 Step recovery group, along with the other groups on this site:

    Miracles in Progress

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    If you have aol you can probably start your own chat room. It is nice to be able to talk to people who have similar issues as you do. Especially teens. I think if you started a chat room you would be amazed at how you don't only help yourself. you also would be helping other kids as well.

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    call suicide hot line. nice people to talk to...18002738255 im going through the same thing

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    i think its best to call the samartians. s'what i dooo

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