Many believe that Joseph (Erap) Estrada will be the sure winner for Philippine President in 2010. How sure do?

Because his program for the Mahirap before was aborted when he was replaced by Pres. Gloria Arroyo. So the A,B, C, D Philippine voters are mostly clamoring his comeback to finish his program for the poor.

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    He has a strong chance.But not expected to be the sure winner.Aquino/Roxas is the dream team that people still love.One thing for sure is,when Estrada was president there was no problems with MILF or anyone other Mindanao groups.

    It's hard for one person to get even 45% of the peoples votes when you have so many parties.Estrada's strongest supporters come from Rizal,Quezon,Laguna and Bicol provinces and parts of manila.His tackle will be to get the northern Luzon vote.We will see what will happen in the next 4months.

    Source(s): I'm a legal resident here in the Phils.
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