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Does educated mean intelligent?

Is it possible to be educated but not intelligent?

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    There's this song I really like called "The Educated Fool"; I think you'd appreciate it as well :

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    Now to answer your question. No, "educated" does not mean "Intelligent". Intelligence is something native, you either have it or you don't. It's based on how fast and easily you make connections between different notions; how easily you understand emotions (emotional intelligence); how your memory works. Intelligence cannot be taught. You can read a whole library and memorize it in one month - it'll make you a parrot, not a genius. I know many people who can prove this point: a friend of mine was the best in our class at EVERYTHING, she could memorize anything and so she aced every single test - but not many people like her, she's shy and cannot have a normal conversation, she doesn't really understand metaphors or jokes... she's all mind and no soul, let's say. She's educated, but not intelligent.

    Intelligence contains wisdom and experience. You'd learn a lot more from a trip around the world than you would from spending 20 years in the educational system.

    Education is really just a means of manipulating children into becoming socially-acceptable adults, and sometimes into teaching them the facts they'll need for their future jobs. School is meant for all degrees of intelligence - we're all able to finish it if we want to, aren't we?

    School gets too much authority for a reason: nobody wants you to start QUESTIONING the notions they teach you! When you realize that all those facts could or could not be true and that it's okay to think outside the box and ignore them at least for a while you're no longer a sheep and can't be manipulated as easily. To really form yourself as a person you have to seek answers to your questions in more than just one source - you take what they taught you in school, you read an old history book and see something else written there and then you read one from another country and see a whole different side of the story. Ultimately you have to choose your own truth or, why not, just admit that knowing the real TRUTH is impossible because all sources are subjective. I gave history as an example because it's the most obvious: it's influenced by current politics, by new social norms, by how people nowadays perceive life. But I think that most subjects have a certain level of vagueness. If you're actually interested in something you need to do your own research.

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    Hello, Answer: No / Yes

    We may find that people who have been educated, just means that it is (Ph.D.) Piled Higher and Deeper, LOL. For some, it is those educated people who have and carry a strong influence for the information & perceptions that was presented to them, to be flexible. They may have learned it well, without question. But what perceptions, or points of view were adopted, what was taught? Medical Doctors trained in the U.S. does not necessarily learn the same information as those Doctors trained in China for example. Ancient Chinese medicine can be far different for they utilize and understand the energy of the human body along with other energies which influence us. Try to get them on the same page. By the way medical students who receive a 98% or a 65% on their boards are stilled called doctors.

    Sometimes it is those who are highly educated, that can not learn to adapt to new information, cuz they have already learned it a specific way. This does not equate to intelligence. Politics is a perfect example and also the difference in training from a religious of a regular University.

    Intelligence is being able to learn information, apply it, question it, adapt when required, and have the wisdom to know the difference. Intelligence can utilize ,recognize and take either religion, history or education with a grain of salt; realizing that what is presented is a particular point of view which is being shared. Another example could be what is referenced/taught about the history of WWII (Japan), does not mean it is truthful.

    P.S. To all the Ph.D's out there this is not to discredit all the hard work that it has taken you to get there.;-) Journey well.


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    As the person said above me, educated does NOT mean intelligent and it IS possible to be educated but not intelligent. Educated just means that you have had some type of schooling. Idiots can be educated and remain idiots. "Intelligence" can either be a the trait of being smart (naturally) or the state of having taken information from your education and become smart. Or both. I believe that you can gain intelligence... but that is unusual. Most of the time you are born with it.

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    Educated Fool

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  • It's very possible to be educated but not intelligent. There are plenty of educated fools.

    That being said, any given individual is more likely to have the ability to utilize their full intelligence if they have an education, because (if it's a good one) it provides them with a knowledge base and critical/logical thinking skills.

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    I think intelligence, like wisdom only comes when you actually *retain* and apply what you learned.

    For example: A person memorizes definitions for a vocabulary test; they take the test and get a good grade and throw out that knowledge because they dont feel they need it anymore.

    In that example the person was educated in the vocabulary words, but not intelligent in them because he never cared to keep the education he worked to memorize. As long as you are willing to retain and mature from the education you recieved, you will become intelligent as the knowledge builds up over time.

    So to your question no and yes.

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    Intelligence in my oppinion is the ability to effectively use education, so it's possible to be educated but still a bit of a fool.

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    Educated doesn't equal intelligent. Though many of the unintelligent people I've known weren't well educated.

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    It takes some intelligence to receive an education.

    It is possible, even common, to be educated beyond ones intellectual capacity.

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    Although the two terms have different meanings, I would say that most educated people are also intelligent, because stupid people are harder to educate.

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