Common VS. Unique Names: Which do you prefer?

Would you rather:

Give your child a name that is common. Common is (for the sake of this debate) any name that is traditionally common (John/Elizabeth), popular (Isabella/Aiden), or in the top 100 US names (Chloe/ Jaden).


Give your child a unique moniker. Unique would include any name that is ranked above the US 100 (Isla/ Dante) or rarely heard of (you would be less likely to find a name like this on a classroom roster, and never more than once).

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Every human is unique. Therefore, they should have unique names.

  • Nancy
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    4 years ago

    I think you pick a name that you love My husband and I took 8 months to agree on a name When we first name her, Hayley, we got you do not hear that often By the time she was two, you got, it's such a common name For some reason, this name took off the year my child was born It was common down south, my not where we lived I think you need to pick a name that you love If you love a common name, then you should pick the name, and not worry about it being common If you love an uncommon name(better than unique), then go for it I like both common and unique names With my last name and my husband, it was hard to fine a name that went with the last and that we both loved. Being unique or common, was not important

  • 1 decade ago

    Megan the Resident Diva, here. See, that's my problem. My stupid, boring name. It all began when my mother was in elementary school. Weird beginning, I know, but work with me. Anyways, she was named Amy, as were like 5 other girls in her class. She vowed right then and there that when she had kids, they would have unique, special names. The years went by and I suppose she forgot the promise she made for herself and ended up naming me Megan, one of the most popular girls' names at the time. I am one of three Megans in the eighth grade. So I have always loved unique names. Nothing like Zanzibar or Ticonderoga or anything else weird or random like that. Different names, with a hint of class and flair. For a possible son of mine someday, he may be a Cedric or an Anton. May a wonderful girl the world has yet to meet be named Calista or Anyalyn. An old adage says, "Creativity is the spice of life." If we are all given the same names, how could we expect creativity as a whole to blossom and flourish?

    Source(s): Megan the Resident Diva (See, if I had a cooler name, it would get exclamation points.)
  • 1 decade ago

    For a boy I definitely prefer common names. Most of my favorite male names are common ones anyway. When I found out I was having a son I asked many male friends if they would prefer a common or unique name and they all answered that common names are easier for boys.

    For a girl I'm undecided. I like a number of traditional girl names but I think that girls are more open to having a unique name. In general I avoid very modern or unisex names but I do like older names like Isla or Antoinette that have some history but don't show up very much in modern use. Plus with girls it seems like trends shift much more often. Ten years ago I loved the name Lily because no one else seemed to have it; now it's one of the most common!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I think everyone wants their child to have a "unique" name BUT I think every person's definition of unique is different. I personally like the names that have been around for awhile but are not overused as opposed to the names that sound made up and have 15 Y's in them. So it just depends on what your definition of unique is. I'm sure most mother's don't hope that 15 kids in their child's kindergarten class have the same name and their child.

  • I prefer unique. If I was to have a child I would give them a unique but pronounceable name so when they got to school they weren't in classes where there were three, four kids with the same name.

  • 1 decade ago

    I like unique names better, but not WAY OUT THERE. Some names are just plain sad, certain names should almost be illeagal, unless they are from a different country or something. There is a girl my daughter goes to school with right now and her name is Boxneighah, literally, her name is Boxneighagh. That is a horrible name, and everybody just calls her Box. I know her mother, and she still can't give me an explanation for why she named her daughter basically after a box! I like odd names, but not extremely odd. Below are the names that I love.

    Hayden Anne

    Jaymie Kay

    Emry Delaine (Em-Ree)(Dee-Lane)

    Rian Danille (R-Eye-An)(Dah-Neel)

    Britley Lay

    Sebbi May

    Avry Adaline (Av-Ree)(Add-A-Line)

    Alina Marie (Ah-Leen-Ah)

    Ainsley Jayne

    Kaylin Paige

    Whitlee Nichole

    Harlow Avery (Av-Ree)

    River Marie

    Rosl Rain (Rose-Ol)

    Chloe Mae

    Brileigh Sage (Bry-Lee)

    Raelynn Elizabeth

    Marilee Rose (Mare-I-Lee)

    Rosalee Jean

    Rosalinda Marie

    Colton Jace

    Joshua Matthew

    Jason Bradley

    James Davis

    Jaxon Maddox (Jackson)

    Logan Joseph

    Rylan James (Rye-Lan)

    Most of those names are pretty unique, but not way out there. The only one that I think is extremely out there is Sebbi May.

  • Well my 4 girls are Sofia, Ella, Ava, and Olivia so obviously I am all for common names. I love a lot of unique names like Aria and Samara, but I wouldn't use them.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Neither. That simply isn't what "unique" means. Not even close.

    I'd never give my child a name I thought there'd be five of in his class, or a name that was suddenly trendy and would "date" them. I'd also never give them a name that people would roll their eyes at and/or be unable to spell or pronounce. I wouldn't describe a name like that as either "common" or "unique".

  • 1 decade ago

    It depends on the level of uniqueness. Some names are just outrageous and the common names are much better than those.

  • Personally, I would pick mostly common. There's only one a couple of mine that aren't common names. Maureen is a traditional name that is rarely heard anymore. Mariska (Mah-rish-kah) is a Hungarian name I adore. Siobhan and Eloise are Irish/Gaelic names that aren't common here (US) either. If I only had a couple kids, I would go with the "unique" names.... but I love common ones overall. If they're traditional names, I'm almost guaranteed to prefer them.


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