anybody good with the holocaust?

please help me discuss this statement...

organizers, caregivers, parents, and everyday people are the real heroes of the holocaust and they have provided an inexhaustible source or hope and inspiration for humanity.

and please help me explain these two quotes

"not to act, not to lift a hand against the germans has become a quiet passive heroism of the common jew"


"there is no doubt that this is probably the greatest and most horrible single crime ever committed in the whole world of history"



oh and who r the organizers in the camp?

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    It is said that who saves a man saves the world. WW II had many secret and unnamed heros, who often risked their own lives. Koreans who gave bread to American on the death marchs in Asia. People in germany territory that gave bread to war criminals and concentrations camp inmates on the death marches in the last days of the war. People who "forgot" that their neighbours had jewish ancestry, or priest that faked the books of their church to provide non catholics / prostestants with fake christian identidy.....

    Langbein (jew and political prisoner) who survived Ausschwitz from 42 to the very end in 44 wrote that hope came in the most unexpected places and from most unexpected sources. He even goes so far to accept that the second commander of ausschwitz (who was later removed because he was not strickt enough) was more human than the other commanders.

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    Many communities and states who refused to correctly known Israel after this is formation additionally committed quite a few atrocities against Israel. the two components are the two in charge. It surprises me how quickly u forget approximately the Munich bloodbath and the Yom Kippur conflict. in my opinion i think of Israel could come across a thank you to peacefully annex Palestine or in some way unite with it. Then this onslaught of hatred, animosity and conflict that we've come to call the Arab-Israeli conflict can finally end.

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