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What is the purpose of the expert system?

What is the purpose of the expert system?

How is the expert system used to support decision making?

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    Expert systems are a class of software used to encode the decision-making process of domain experts.

    The basic idea is to study how experts solve problems in a particular domain (say furnace repair) and break this into a decision tree. At each node of the tree, the program asks a question which explains where on the tree to go next. It's actually quite like a 'choose your own adventure game' in the general program design.

    Expert systems typically use heuristic algorithms and other AI techniques to model expert behavior. Expert systems have actually fallen out of favor for more complex problems, because they are extremely difficult to create for anything but the most simple problems. Still, if you call customer support and work with an automated menu system, you are most likely interacting with an expert system. Your experiences with this type of system probably indicate the weaknesses of this approach.

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    Expert Systems ; is an Artificial Interligence (AI) application whose purpose is to uses facts and take from the knowledge of many human experts in a particular field to help make decisions and solve problem

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