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Universities in Hong Kong?

Next year I may apply to several universities in Hong Kong. So far I found the University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and City University of Hong Kong. First two got into the top universities of the world (24th and 39th). Don't know anything about the last one. What do you think about these universities? Are they good options for education? How is education in Hong Kong? Is it difficult to get accpeted into these universities?

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    university of hk is the best in hk and was ranked #1 in asia. Chinese University of HK is also considered really good. i've heard its pretty hard to get into...and like you mentioned HK U of Science/tech. City U is relatively newer, but it's pretty good as well. another one is the Polytechnic University of Hong Kong. i'm applying there myself, since it's prominent for design. you can look at the link for others, but these are the most prestigious ones in hong kong. good luck and hope you get accepted!

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    Hong Kong college is the 1st in Hong Kong and additionally first in Asia. it somewhat is with the help of the fact they have impressive courses in Bachelor courses like business company and regulation, drugs. chinese language college and school of technological information and technologies (UST) could come very heavily with one yet another. chinese language college is an older college, additionally they have very drugs software. UST is turning out to be very at as quickly as those days as they're doing very stable with courses like accounting and worldwide business company. Polytechnic college is in the back of the suitable 3. they have very stable hospitality and layout courses. the different universities in accordance to ranks are: Hong Kong city college, Hong Kong Open college, Hong Kong Baptist and Ling Nan college. The Hong Kong Institute of training is a college that focuses on coaching. ultimately, there is the Hong Kong Shue Yan college that's those days switched over from a college to a college.

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    Universities in Hong Kong are best universities by all means. You seems a lucky one to choose the one in Hong Kong, once you are there you will find the difference yourself and you will be proud of your decesion

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    Hong Kong Univeristy is the longest in history and the most reputable in HK, it used to provide all the senior Govt officials and senior management executives for the city when HK only had 1-2 universities some 25 years ago. It's still the No. 1 university in HK and among one of the top 3 in Asia, partly due to its adequate budget in hiring top grade professors and equipment and the many famous graduates that are achieving excellent results in their respective over the years. U of Science and Tech is also a very good university. Its Chairman and Dean have very good vision in setting the right course of directions for the University. Nowadays there're many exchange students from around the world particularly from the Mainland that would like to study in Hong Kong, yes competitions in getting a place is very keen. Once admitted, you'll find the teachings and systems are quite similar to the large universities in the US, English is used as a medium of teaching on most of the courses and that students are encouraged to brainstorm and to work on assignments on their own. Good Luck!

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