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    Carrion 腐屍 translated by Cat Nilan

    Recall the object that we saw, my soul,

    That beautiful summer morning so sweet:

    At the bend in a path, a sordid piece of carrion

    On a bed strewn with gravel,

    Its legs in the air like a lewd woman,

    Burning and sweating poisons,

    Opened in a nonchalant and cynical fashion

    Its belly filled with gases.

    The sun's rays shone on that rotted thing,

    As if to cook it well,

    And to render unto majestic Nature a hundred-fold

    All that which she had joined together;

    And heaven watched the superb carcass

    Blossom like a flower.

    The stench was so strong, that you thought

    You might pass out on the grass.

    The flies hummed over this putrid belly,

    From which came black batallions

    Of maggots that flowed like a thick liquid

    The length of these living rags.

    All of this rose and descended like a wave,

    Or leaped up, crackling;

    It seemed as though the body, swollen by a vague breathing,

    Lived by multiplying.

    And this world gave forth a strange music,

    Like running water and the wind,

    Or the grain that a winnower stirs and turns

    With a rhythmic motion in his basket.

    Its shapes blurred and were no more than a dream,

    A sketch slow to come,

    On a forgotten canvas, and that the artist completes

    Only from memory.

    Behind the rocks, an anxious bitch

    Watched us with an angry eye,

    Waiting for the moment to recover from the skeleton

    The morsel she had left behind.

    -- And yet you will be like that filth,

    That horrible stench,

    Star of my eyes, sun of my nature,

    You, my angel and my passion!

    Yes! Such you will be, oh queen of graces,

    After the last sacraments,

    When you go, under the grass and the rich blossoms,

    To moulder among the bones.

    Then, oh my beauty! tell the vermin

    That will eat you with kisses,

    That I have preserved the form and the essence divine

    Of my decomposed loves!

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