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mymathlab access code?cscc?

hey there.. alright so i go to cscc and i bought my math textbook and it happened to be that this math textbook doesnt have its mymathlab access code cuz i didnt buy it from the bookstore. and i didnt know there should be a mymathlab goes along with it. so can i just use someones code and if yes can anyone out there give me theirs if u not using it anymore. Thanks =]


the book is Pre-algebra developmental education

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by Margaret Lial

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    Far as I know once a code is redeemed you can't reuse it to another course (or another student-but don't quote me on that). I took 031 and had to use the MyMathLab, but in my 102 class we can use it as extra practice if we want. It depends if your teacher requires the MyMathLab for your quizzes or homework, etc. Its just easier to buy the book new and the MML will come with it as a kit.

    Also, check some of the boards around campus, I know I saw few students trying to sell theirs because they didn't have to use theirs. Its probably cheaper than going to cuz it costs $71 just for the MML. Hope you find one :)

    Source(s): Current CSCC student and MML user
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    As far as I've known, they're not specific. You enter the code for access and enroll in the class the that teacher has set up. As the other person says, I wouldn't suggest ebay or craigslist. I usually purchase it straight from the MyMathLab site.

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