Playing Ps3 on lcd monitor/ and Ps2 sony emulator?

I don't have a ps3 yet, but is it possible that I can hook it up through HDMI cable to my lcd monitor. The monitor is Full hd 1080p. And then switch the audio to av composite speakers (since my monitor doesn't have speakers).

Wanting to play Final fantasy XIII when it comes out. :)

and On the sidenotes, anybody knows if it is possible that Final Fantasy X will be release to play on Ps3 or some kind of official Sony software emulation. I miss that game. Don't have ps2 anymore.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    It is possible. All you need is a special cable that has the HDMI and DVi output, so the DVI goes to your monitor and the HDMI end goes into your console. Nowadays most LCD Monitors come with HDMi inputs, as well.

    As for the FFX, nobody knows for sure yet. Expect more info on Versus XIII and, perhaps in the coming months, the next MMO for the PS3.

    Source(s): Experience. I own CRTs/LC Monitors/PS3.
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  • 4 years ago

    I would go with the PS3 first because you don't have to have a high definitian TV to be able to play on it then that will give you some time to buy a TV

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