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What does this song mean? I don't understand the video, either.?

Its a Paramore song called Brick By Boring Brick. I usually get what they're about, but I'm kind of not sure on this one. Help?



Please be as detailed as you can.

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    1 decade ago
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    I don't usually listen to music on the radio, so I had to look up the lyrics at However, I do listen to a lot of music and read a lot, so I figure I can help you.

    Sometimes poets and musicians write lyrics that have a lot of personal meaning for them and no one else. This song seems to me to be about someone that the writer knows who lives in a fantasy world of her own construction and ignores facts about her real life that she doesn't want to face.

    Most of the lines refer to nursery rhymes or fairy tales. The lines

    "So one day he found her crying

    Coiled up on the dirty ground

    Her prince finally came to save her

    And the rest you can figure out"

    could be about the main character idealizing a romantic relationship in her mind and ignoring the fact that what she considers to be her "handsome prince" is really a guy who is using her, because the next lines are "but it was really a trick and the clock struck twelve." The reference to the clock is probably from the nursery rhyme "Hickory Dickory Dock," where the "mouse ran up the clock" and when the "clock struck twelve the mouse ran down" because the loud sound of the clock's bell frightened the mouse. (The reference to "the clock struck twelve" means, I think, that the relationship really was abusive or in some way frightening.)

    The repetition of the words "bury the castle" are probably a reference to the phrase "castles in the air" whose definition at is "plans that are impractical and never work out." The singer repeats over and over that they (possibly the main characters friends) will "dig a deep hole to bury the castle" and "build your house brick by boring brick or the wolves gonna blow it down" [a reference to the three little pigs]. I think this is a poetic way of saying that the singer and her friends are going to protect the main character from herself and her lack of ability to cope with the real world.

    The key to understanding this song lies in the line "Well you built up a world of magic/Because your real life is tragic." Ironically, the singer admits that this world of fantasy can be true "in the dark" when she sings...

    "If it's not real

    You can't hold it in your hand

    You can't feel it with your heart

    And I won't believe it

    But if it's true

    You can see it with your eyes

    Or even in the dark

    And that's where I want to be, yeah"

    I think this means that the singer realizes that life can be really, really hard, and that she understands completely why her friend has retreated from it, and that sometimes she, too, would like to be "in the dark," or ignorant of reality.

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    1 decade ago

    ahh Paramore. This song was accused of trying to brain wash people. Seriously.

    But anyway, the video is about a girl who lives in a childish fairytale and then gets bitten on the bum because it isn't as great as it seems because it turned out to be very very bad, and reality is so much better than fantasy.

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