Can u name all the title songs in Naruto?

Only Naruto not Shippuuden. I don't want the music list by Toshiro masuda.

I just wanna download them all.

Here's a start,

Haruka Kanata

Remember - Flow

No boy, No cry

Yura Yura (Asian kungfu)

Don't include these songs again.

Thanks. :)


Oh yeah! Yura yura was by hearts grow

I guess Haruka kanata was Asian kung fu. My bad! :D

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    Wind by Akeboshi Ending 1

    Ding! Dong! Dang! by Tube Ending 1

    Harmonia by Rythem Ending 2

    Viva Rock by ORANGE RANGE Ending 3

    Alive by Raiko Ending 4

    Ima Made Nado Mo by The Massmissile Ending 5

    Ryuusei by TiA Ending 6

    Mountain A Go Go Two by Captain Stridum Ending 7

    Hajimete Kimi To Shabetta by Gagagasp Ending 8

    Nakushita Kotoba by No Regret Life Ending 9

    Speed by Analog Fish Ending 10

    Soba Ni Iru Kara by Amadori Ending 11

    Parade by Chaba Ending 12

    Yellow Moon by Akeboshi Ending 13

    Pinocchio by Ore Ska Band Ending 14

    Scenario by Saboten Ending 15


    Rocks by Hound Dog Opening 1

    Kanashimi Wo Yasashisa Ni by Little by Little Opening 3

    Go!!! by Flow Opening 4

    Seishun Kyousoukyoku by Sambomaser Opening 5

    Discord Satellite by Snowkel Opening 7

    I tried not to include the ones you've listed, as well as the songs by Toshiro Masuda.

    If you want to download anime songs, the best site, ever, is:

    Just register, login, and click Music, and then search "Naruto"

    All the ones i've mentioned, and much more are there. I just listed the endings and openings, and not the theme music, etc.

    Enjoy ;3.

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    --> Opening themes <--

    ROCKS - Hound Dog

    Kanashimi wo yasashi ni - Little by Little

    GO!! - Flow

    Seishun Kyousoukyoku - Sambomaster

    Discord Satellite - Snowkel

    --> Ending themes <--

    Akeboshi - Wind

    Harmonia - Rythem

    Viva Rock - Orange range

    Alive - Raiko

    Ima made nando mo - The Massmissile

    Ryuusei - TiA

    Mountain a Go Go two - Captain Stridum

    Hajimete kimi to shabetta - GagagaSP

    Nakushita Kotoba - No Regret Life

    Speed - Analog Fish

    Soba ni iru kara - Amadori

    Parade - Chaba

    Yellow Moon - Akeboshi

    Pinocchio - Ore Ska Band

    Scenario - Saboten

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