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Are Nathan and Noah Jonas good names for twins?

What about middle names?

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    yes sounds great =]

    how about Nathan Alexander Jonas and

    Noah Anthony Jonas

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    Nathan Cole Jonas

    Noah Michael Jonas

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    No. First of all they're too different in styles. Second, they dont flow when when you say them together as you would when you say something like "Hi, these are my sons Nathan and Noah." The alliteration makes it hard, and the repeating sounds makes it harder. Third, no multiple should be forced to have the same initial as it's sibling. If you wouldnt name singletons that way, dont name multiples that way. They deserve their own names, identities, and chance of being told apart.

    If matching initials is so important to you, what about reversing them. So you'd have something like Nathan Dean and Daniel Noah.

    However, there are other ways of naming twins. The best way is to name them like you would name normal siblings. However, you could also choose themes (first name is a name that honors your side of the family and middle honors your partner's; first name is of one nationality and middle is another; first name is a certain number of letters long and middle is another; etc)

    One I really like is Matthew and William. Looking at it, one would not think they're similar. However, one starts with M and ends with W, while the other starts with W and ends with M. They're, also, both 7 letters long with the 3rd letter repeating. Also, they can be shortened to two different 4 letter names: Matt/Hugh and Will/Liam.

    Find a creative way to tie your children's names together, dont with with the matchy matchy twin stuff. Let your children be individuals.

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    Nathan and Noah as separate names are really cute, but for twins i feel they are too close.

    Middle names

    Noah James

    Nathan Lucas

    Nathan Joshua

    Noah Dominic

    Nathan Eric

    Nathan Emmett

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    Your twins' names shouldn't look immediately similar. They already share a birthday, a surname and an address - the last thing you want is for an exhausted doctor in an emergency to not realise it's a twin, just glance at the initial, and treat one twin based on the medical records of the other one. Change one of them for a name which doesn't start with N.

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    I don't think multiples names should start with the same letter... individuality is important!

    Source(s): Mother of multiples
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    I don't like Jonas but I think Nathan & Noah sounds lovely for twins!

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    Nathan Robert/Bobby - this is one on my list.

    Noah James - 2nd on my list


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    yes but i like Jonathan over Nathan

    I love Noah, its a great name!

    Jonathan Lawson and Noah / Nate Emerson!

    You can call the Nath and Nat for short!

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    Sounds great to me :) Have fun with those :P

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