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耶誕節假期 Detail 翻譯。中翻英,15點。




23日之前我覺得時間真的過得好慢好慢,超級無聊的。不過,24日之後,時間真的飛快的過去,我的叔叔希望我可以留下來感受西班牙式的聖誕節,所以我就取消去法國的計畫。從24日到30日天天都有Party。最大的一次Party大約有20人,當地人說話真的很快很難了解,我叔叔介紹說我是今日照相師,所以我總是不停的拍照。這段期間,聖誕樹底下推滿了超過100樣的禮物,每隔兩天就拆一次禮物,前前後後我總共收到了10樣禮物:兩件Lee Copper衣服、一盒巧克力、一本書、綿羊擺飾、兩包糖果、一條圍巾、四雙襪子、一個鐵盒護唇膏。第一次過西洋式的聖誕節,我想這個聖誕節真是很棒,我會永遠記住他的!

今晚是Happy New Year Eve,我要和我叔叔全家一起跨年。我想,接下來很快就要開學了,我想利用接下來的一星期,來個火車之旅。



Genesis 你的翻譯漏了一段,聖誕樹那段。

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    Before December 23rd, I really felt like living in slow motion, boring to death. However, time really flew past by quickly somehow after 24th. My uncle hoped I could stay longer to experience the Spanish's version of Christmas, so I canceled my trip to France. They were having parties every day from 24th to 30th, the biggest party was about 20 people attended. The local people speak too fast for me to understand. My uncle introduced me as a daily photographer, so I was always taking pictures back and forth, but it did not come without perks, as I gathered ten presents: Two Lee Copper clothes, one box of chocolate, one book, one sheep-like ornament, two packs of candy, one scarf, four pair of socks, and one lipstick. That was the first time I spent a western-style Christmas, it was really great, and I will always remember it.

    Tonight is the New Year's Eve, and I will celebrate with my uncle's family together. New school year is about to begin soon, I might use the following week for a railroad trip.

    How was your trip in Austria and in Finland? I only knew that your parents were planing to go there, is your brother with them as well?

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  • 1 decade ago

    before 23rd, I thought time really crosses well slow good slow, super bored. However, after 24th, the time past very fast, my uncle hoped really I may remain down feel Spain's-like Christmas day, therefore I take eliminate France's plan. Has Party daily from 24th to 30th. Biggest Party probably has 20 people, the native speaks really very quickly very difficult to understand that my uncle introduced said I am today photograph the teacher, therefore I always do not stop photograph. This period, under the Christmas tree pushed fills has surpassed 100 types of gifts, every other two days opened one time the gift, from all sides I altogether have received 10 types of gifts: Two Lee the Copper clothes, box of chocolate, a book, the sheep pendulum play the part, two packages of candies, a scarf, four pair of socks, a hard box to protect the lipstick. The first Western world's-like Christmas day, I had thought that this Christmas day is really very good, I will forever remember him!

    The tonight is Happy New Year Eve, I must entire family carry over to the next year together with my uncle. I thought that then very quick must begin school, I wanted to use following one week, came travel of the train.

    Your Austria and Finland's travel how? I only knew that your father and mother want to go to Finland, your younger brother also has goes together?

    我打很久啊! 選我為最佳解答吧!!@@

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