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Which Tiger Woods PGA Tour game is best on the xbox 360?

Is PGA 10 really any better than 07, 08, or 09?

Also i want to know if playing these games will give me a rough idea of what clubs a golfer would use in real life in different situations such as when they would use the iron 5, 6, 7.., pitching wedge, etc etc.

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    nic. M did he mess with your MOM too or something dude? Just because he ****** up does not mean he does still not make a GREAT golf game... maybe they will even add a hot Coffee scene in 2011. :D

    Ive never sean a visual comparison of the versions but I hear the Wii version of 10 is the funnest. I would say you could get a pretty good idea on how exactly the game is played if you play enough and pay attention. There is training modes where you can tune your clubs, and allot of nice training modes that will help you pick your best clubs and angles in the game.

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    You wont learn how to golf by playing Tiger Woods PGA tour. You will learn how to cheat on your wife nicely though, and damage your family.

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    Tiger Woods is a BAD MAN.

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