Is there a space station or is that a myth?

And i heard there are plans to build a hotel in space?

PLEASE i hope this doesn't happen... Are planet is dying and or suffering from global warming we don't need to **** up outer space wtf do we need a hotel in space for?

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    Yes, there is a space station - the International Space Station. It can be seen as a bright star with the naked eye, and its structure can be resolved with a powerful enough telescope.

    It occasionally accepts "space tourists", but it's a scientific facility, not a hotel.

    A private company called Bigelow Aerospace has plans for an orbital hotel:

    And you are a bit late with your concern about asterisk-ing space:

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    Richard Branson is charging $250,000 per person to take tourists up into space--cn't remember if he said it was 2010 or 2011. Several people have already signed for the trip. It might be a good thing--the more people are aware of what Earth looks like from space--even from Low Earth Orbit--the more likely people are to have some greater respect for their home planet. Perhaps a space hotel might not be such a bad thing, in that way--if only it gives people some sort of expanded view on what they've always seen up until now as their throw-away home, which so far, they've mistreated. Perhaps the more thoughtful among them will have a change of heart when they see the remote beauty of the planet spread out beneath them as their hotel orbits above.

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    Yes CinCin there most certainly is a space station. As a matter of fact, on Thanksgiving Day it, and the shuttle; were visible with the naked eye shortly after dusk.

    Don't worry your pretty little head about global warming. It's a farce. It isn't real. It was a made up hoax in order to get you to buy junk. If we are indeed given into the idea that the earth is alive, we must also concede to the notion that it is capable of healing it's self. After all......even if the earth did have a sniffle, I seriously doubt this would be the first time.

    I don't mean to get on you about your spelling, well....yeah I do. Ignorance isn't a bad thing, unless one chooses to remain so. It's not an insult. It's a condition of being or rather not being knowledgeable about something. Some people remain ignorant some do not. Take the word 'our'. As in yours, mine and ours. Shall I venture to say this is probably what you meant instead of 'are' as you used it in "Are planet is dying". Additionally, when referring to yourself while writing, it's perfectly fine, in fact it's a rule of grammar to capitalize the letter i. Your are important enough.

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    Yes, there is a space station, there has been one for several years. It's not a big secret, it's on the news pretty often actually.

    As far as whether there will eventually be a hotel in space, I'm sure there will be, and I am fine with that. The sooner humans can get used to living off of the earth, the better off we'll be. That's because until enough of us ARE permanently living off the earth, if something happens to the earth, all humans could be wiped out.

    Yes, humans are messing up the earth, but lots of things totally out of our control could also destroy the earth or at least humanity on earth (asteroids, supervolcanos, etc.).

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    Yes, it's the International Space Station, but it's no five-star resort. It's used for research purposes, and the modules are very cramped.

    I haven't heard of any plans to build a hotel in space.

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    The present space station has been around for roughly 10 years. It is the third (or fourth) one, but it is the first "international" one.

    It is nothing like the space stations we used to see in movies.

    As for a hotel in space, that is still a few decades in the future. Public travel in space is still a few years away. The company Virgin Galactic already exists

    The hotel will come many years after the space flights become routine.

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    There's the ISS or the International Space Station since 2000, I guess. A space hotel? Well, that is a different story since space tourism has not reached a level affordable to everyone. Messing up space is a lot more difficult than you think!

    Clear skies!

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    Do some research and maybe you'll get your answer. There are hundreds if not thousands of man-made instruments orbiting the Earth, and it wouldn't surprise me if someone has the money and ambition to someday build a space hotel.

    Also, I'd say what we put in space has nothing to do with Global Warming.

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    There was a proposal recently to set up a hotel in space but it was a purely financial dream. To make money off it. Pushing he boundaries can will help us in may ways. Including survival should we encounter large asteroids that hit us.

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    Yes, there is the ISS (International Space Station).

    Before that there was the Soviet/Russian Mir.

    Before that there was the American Skylab.

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