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Please rank these baby names and tell reasons if you can...?


Julia Sophia

Victoria Jane

Grace Elizabeth

Rebecca Michelle

Hannah Christine


Jonathan David

Nicholas Aaron

Thomas Alexander

Daniel James

Christopher Isaac

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  • xoxo
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    1 decade ago
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    omg i love these i'm going to have a ball with them haha

    Julia Sophia- I don't exactly like how they rhyme but beautiful names 8

    Victoria Jane- 10 just the perfect classic name

    Grace Elizabeth- 10 beautiful and flows just right

    Rebecca Michelle- 10 I love the nickname Becca too

    Hannah Christine- This is my favorite I love Hannah and love Christine even more they sound so great together


    Jonathan David- 10 beautiful

    Nicholas Aaron- 10 very biblical I like it, love the nickname Nick haha

    Thomas Alexander- 9 classic and nice

    Daniel James- 7 daniel is a little boring to me but still a nice name

    Christopher Isaac-9 i love this , the only thing is there is a singer Chris Issac if that doesnt bother you go for it!

    I love Nicholas Aaron and Hannah Christine the best!

  • 1 decade ago

    Julia Sophia...Love it!!! 10/10

    Victoria Jane...I don't really like the name Victoria or Jane so...3/10

    Grace Elizabeth should go the other way around. Elizabeth Grace just sounds much better to me. 5/10

    Rebecca Michelle is good. 6/10

    Hannah Christine is good but I don't really like the "Christine" part. Maybe something like Hannah Marie or even Hannah Christina is better.7/10

    Jonathan David is classic. But I love it. 9/10

    Nicholas Aaron is cute. 9/10

    Thomas Alexander...Love both of those names. 10/10

    Daniel James is awesome. 8/10

    Christopher Isaac is ok. Love the name Isaac, not so keen on Christopher. 6/10.

    Pretty good names. I like Julia Sophia and Thomas Alexander the best :)

  • 1 decade ago

    scale of 1- 10

    7 Julia Sophia (love Julia; Sophia too popular now)

    8 Victoria Jane (2 nice names, don't flow well)

    8 Grace Elizabeth (like but Grace too popular)

    8 Rebecca Michelle (like but very 70's)

    9 Hannah Christine (best combo)

    Suggest: Hannah Juliet, Victoria Juliet, Julia Grace, Rebecca Elizabeth, Rebecca Grace


    8 Jonathan David

    8 Nicholas Aaron (like both; dislike combo)

    10 Thomas Alexander

    10 Daniel James

    8 Christopher Isaac (good but think of famous singer Chris Isaak)

    suggest; Nicholas Alexander or Isaac Nicholas

  • iCarly
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    1 decade ago

    Julia Sophia is absolutely beautiful :) normally, i don't like it when both names end the same way like this, but I think this sounds amazing :) i love both names, too

    Vicotria Jane flows very nicely. i'm not too fond of victoria, but it's not horrible :)

    Grace Elizabeth is okay. i like both of those names for middle names. it's flows nicely

    Rebecca Michelle is pretty :) not my favorite, not my least favorite

    Hannah Christine is really pretty! i love both names and it sounds great

    Favorite is Julia Sophia!

    Jonathan David is nice. it flows well :)

    Nicholas Aaron is okay. it flows alright, but not the best. i like both names

    Thomas Alexander is a plain name to me. it just doesn't pop out. but it flows

    Daniel James is great :) I like both names, and it sounds good

    Christopher Isaac isn't the best. I think it sounds better as Isaac Christopher, but that's just my opinion :)

    favorite boys name is Daniel James

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  • 1 decade ago

    for the girls I like Julia Sophia the best because I really like the name Sophia also those names sound cute together!

    For the girls my least favorite is probably Rebecca Michelle I don't know they're to different and they don't sound cute together.

    For the boys I like well I can't decide between Christopher Isaac and Thomas Alexander. They're both very cute and they sound like such sweet names.

    Good Luck with the baby naming!

  • 1 decade ago

    Julia Sophia - Great names separate, but not together. Don't like the double "ia" sound at the ends.

    Victoria Jane - Pretty. 8/10

    Grace Elizabeth - Elizabeth Grace flows better.

    Rebecca Michelle - Nice, but sounds very average. 6/10

    Hannah Christine - Very pretty. 9/10


    Jonathan David - Very strong. 9/10

    Nicholas Aaron - Aaron Nicholas sounds better.

    Thomas Alexander - Nice. 6/10

    Daniel James - Love it 10/10

  • 1 decade ago


    Julia Sophia---I love love love this one, My favorite from your list! (10/10)

    Victoria Jane---This is really pretty and a classic name, It looks like it means alot. (8/10)

    Grace Elizabeth---I love this one as well...very pretty but both of these names are common middle names but they are both beautiful and age well. (9/10)

    Rebecca Michelle---This one is a little old fashioned, so Im not a fan (5/10)

    Hannah Christine---I LOVE Hannah, but Christine isnt my favorite, Hannah Drue is nice. (8/10)


    Jonathan David--Both of these are classics so I like both of them, but I would put a modern name with a classic. (7/10)

    Nicholas Aaron---I LOVE Nicholas, Beautiful (9/10)

    Thomas Alexander---I dont like either of these names (2/10)

    Daniel James---This is okay. (4/10)

    Christopher Isaac---This is very pretty, I dont like Christopher, but I love Isaac. (8/10)

    I hope I helped.

  • Craig
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    1 decade ago

    It doesn't really matter what the first name is, just give them the middle name Danger. That way they can say Danger is my middle name and actually mean it.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I don't like none maybe cristopher that's it.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Erika Maria & Jacob Juan are the #1!!!



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