Protestants, do you not realize that Jesus Christ founded the Catholic Church?

Who founded your church? Surely it was started by some man or woman, more than likely within the last 500 years. There are some 35,000+ protestant churches in the world teaching different things and having differing theological beliefs since 1517AD. To see when your church started check out this short list : ”…. A longer list can be found here. If you are still not convinced then prove to me that your church existed before 1517AD. I say this because what can be affirmed without proof can be equally denied without proof. Hence any written proof by a church father or someone of antiquity from your denomination would suffice.

Very often we in the modern world often forget that the Catholic church has had a long history of battling heresies and schisms that have occurred in its 2000 year history.


Xavs the church did not kill 1 single person during the inquisition, Heresy was a CIVIL criminal offence and all death sentences were carried out by CIVIL authorities not church. " Modern historians have long known that the popular view of the Inquisition is a myth. Sadly most people are just not willing to hear it. they are more comfortable believing in lies and propaganda and revisionist history. Inquisition was a vast pogrom of non Catholics as largely the creation of Protestant propaganda .

For the rest of the anti-Catholics here.....

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    Your point about the age of a person's church is a great way to start getting at The Truth.

    Christianity is almost 2,000 years old, and was founded by Jesus Christ.

    Jesus established only one church.

    If your religious organization is only a few hundred years old, who founded it?

    If you think you accept Jesus Christ, but reject the Catholic Church, I invite you to try hard to study the history of Christianity. That history began almost 1500 years before the protestant departure from the Catholic Church. Study Saints Augustine, Aquinas and Anselm. Learn what Christianity taught for centuries before King James was born, and learn that King James is not the founder of Christianity.

    Please come home.

    We'll leave the light on for you.

    It's right over the real body and blood of Jesus Christ, usually on one side of the altar of any Catholic Church.

    I am Roman Catholic.

    Merry Christmas and Peace to all.

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    EDIT: Thank you for the new link, Hussein. It worked, and I'm glad for the reference. Keep up the great questions and answers!

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    Church of Jesus evolved thru time:

    The Acts: a community of first christians followers called the Nazarene way or the Way..

    First Christian church in Jerusalem, the Mother Church or the Holy Church

    St Ignatius called it 'catholic' in about 100AD, and since then and until NOW, it remained Catholic as pronounced by the Apostles in its Apostles' Creed.

    Orhtodox schismed in about 1,000 AD

    Protestants schismed in about 1,500 AD.

    Technically, the prots are catholics with a small letter 'c'. They are called the prodigal/run-away sons of the Catholic church.

    FYI of some who believe Constantine founded the catholicism in 300AD.The successor of 1st Apostle Leader St Peter is about 29 around 300 AD.

    1 Peter, Apostle, Saint Reigned 33-67

    2 Linus, Saint Reigned c.67-76

    3 Anacletus, Saint Reigned 76-88

    4 Clement I, Saint Reigned 88-97

    5 Evaristus, Saint Reigned c.98- c.106

    6 Alexander I, Saint Reigned c.106-115

    7 Sixtus I, Saint Reigned 115-125

    8 Telesphorus, Saint Reigned 125-136

    9 Hyginus, Saint Reigned c.136-140

    10 Pius I, Saint Reigned c.140-c.154

    11 Anicetus, Saint Reigned c.157-168

    12 Soter, Saint Reigned c.166-c.174

    13 Eleutherius, Saint Reigned c.175-189

    14 Victor I, Saint Reigned 189-c.198

    15 Zephyrinus, Saint Reigned 198-217

    16 Callistus I Reigned 218-c.222

    17 Urban I Reigned 222-230

    18 Pontian, Saint Reigned 230-235

    19 Anterus, Saint Reigned 235-236

    20 Fabian, Saint Reigned 236-250

    21 Cornelius Reigned 251-253

    22 Lucius I, Saint Reigned 253-254

    23 Stephen I, Saint Reigned 254-257

    24 Sixtus II, Saint Reigned 257-258

    25 Dionysius, Saint Reigned 260-268

    26 Felix I, Saint Reigned 269-274

    27 Eutychianus, Saint Reigned 275-283

    28 Caius, Saint Reigned 283-296

    29 Marcellinus, Saint Reigned 296-304

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    They will deny it up and down, because to admit it means that they are not part of the Church that Jesus founded. After awhile, some will concede that it is, but that it became corrupt and it's not what it once was. However, Jesus (who they readily admit was God), promised that not even the gates of hades (death- the most powerful force known to man) could prevail against it.

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    The modern meaning of 'catholic' has become obscured by many. If you examine history you will find some interesting things about the word 'catholic'. The word 'catholic' (katholikos from katholou) means 'throughout the whole', i.e., universal. The term was used even before Jesus' birth like in Greek classics by Aristotle and Polybius. It was also used freely by the early Christian writers in a 'primitive' sense, such phrases as the "the catholic resurrection" (Justin Martyr), "the catholic goodness of God" (Tertullian), "the four catholic winds" (Irenaeus) are recorded.

    The first recorded use of the term 'the Catholic Church' (he katholike ekklesia) is found in the letter of St. Ignatius to the Smyrnaeansis in about 110 AD. You begin to see the term Catholic Church used more frequently with the early church after this time.

    So the early church considered themselves to be the 'Catholic Church' meaning the universal church. I would think that this early church is the church that Christ founded since I do not see any other church at this time. So I would agree that the Catholic church was founded by Jesus.

    So it is the church that Christ founded and since he founded it he is able to make it stand. There have been examples of a handful of bad popes (mostly in the Renaissance period) but there are many more, 100s, of good popes throughout the history of the church. There were many popes that were martyred for the faith. Those popes that were bad lived by the flesh but the popes that were good lived by the Spirit.

    Today, the call remains for us to live by the Spirit of Christ whether we consider ourselves Catholic or Protestant. For those who live by the Spirit are sons of God.

    "For if you live according to the flesh, you will die, but if by the spirit you put to death the deeds of the body, you will live. For those who are led by the Spirit of God are children of God." (Rom 8:13-14)

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    Martin Luther founded Protestantism. Over a thousand years after the Catholic Church was born.

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    Would you all please drop these religious contentions . It produces more harm than good. Why do you think we are in Iraq and's simply another religious war. How many time do we have to sacrifice lives for the idiotic ideas of religion? Who cares who started what church..none (or very few) of the people live their beliefs! This whole religious idea is to fill the gaps in our knowledge that science has yet to discover.

    So get over it..move on with your know what is moral or immoral..ethical or unethical. No God needs to tell you how to live.

    Christmas is just a retail sales game. There may have been a JC, but he certainly wasn't a God!! A good man with good ideas. As for Satan, he's one of my best friends!!

    Source(s): Richard Dawkins "The God Delusion" My own experience as a missionary for the Moronic Church!
  • Jesus never set foot in a Catholic Church, let alone find it, Orthodox Church - yes, Catholic Church didn't even exist until 1054, check your history, Catholicism is anathematized.

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    Catholics, do you not realize that Peter--your 1st Pope-- COMMANDED baptism in the name of Jesus?

    Source(s): Acts 2:38
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    I like your question and backing of it. But as a former very strong anti Catholic i will speak for my self and all the Protestants i knew then, and that is no matter how much proof you offer they will almost always deny it.Why? because we/they then were brought up to believe nothing the Catholic Church taught and that it was a liar and wanted to control the world and would KILL all who would not bow down to the POPE. Jack Chic comics were considered factual truths and as ridiculous as they seem today back then among most i knew his comics were words from GOD so to speak. So for the anti Catholic Protestants of today i say seek answers from GOD and look for them as that's what i did and GOD showed the light of truth to me and he will do it for you, but you have to recognize the light when you see it, as GOD will never drag you in, but will light the trail and it is up to you decide to follow it .

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    Thank you so very much and have a Happy New Year

    Source(s): Catholic Christian
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