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what is the legal working age in the state of arizona?

my family is a little low on money since the economy is so bad. So i took it opon myself to see if i can help. I am 15 and live in the state of arizona and wanted to know what the legal working age was so i can aplie for a job. If you know the age please let me know and thank you.

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    Arizona has not defined a specific age at which an individual can work, other than prohibiting children under the age of 10 from selling newspapers, magazines or periodicals in any street or public place. Because Arizona has not set a specific minimum working age, the federal minimum working age applies. The federal minimum working age, generally, is 14. Both federal and Arizona laws do exempt certain youth from the minimum working age requirement, such as:

    * When youths are employed by a parent or relative and that person owns at least 10% of the company and is actively engaged in the daily operation of the organization. (Federal Child Labor Law does not provide for a parental exemption from occupational restrictions. Under federal law however, there is a parental exemption for the number of hours a youth may work.)

    * When youths are employed as stars or performers in motion picture, theatrical, radio or television productions, provided the Department is notified in advance.

    * When youths are employed in career education programs, vocational or technical training school programs recognized by the Department of Education.

    * When youths are employed as apprentices and registered by the Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training.

    * When youths are employed under the 4-H Federal Extension Service or the United States office of education vocational agriculture training programs.

    * When youths have completed vocational or career education programs approved by the Department of Education in which the programs are directly related to the prohibited occupation.

    * When youths are legally married. (Federal child labor laws do not recognize this exemption).*

    * When youths have a high school diploma or its equivalent. (Federal child labor laws do not recognize this exemption).*

    Source(s): i live in Arizona
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