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what is the difference between USAF Pararescuemen under SOCOM, and PJ's under ACC?

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    Training wise? Nothing.

    The missions vary a bit. ACC PJs will do more CSAR operations in support of various elements. Obviously USAF aircrew, but also Army, foreign military units and they will provide personnel recovery to SOF as the need arrises. They are a theater asset and will be used as personnel recovery missions arise. ACC PJs are still pulled and attached to SOF teams like STS PJs due to their unique skills.

    STS PJs will spend more time focused on personnel recovery for SOF elements / teams. They are an AFSOC element that belongs to SOCOM. Therefore, their operations will be specific to the Special Operations Task Force to which they are assigned. STS PJs are also attached as individuals or in teams to various SOF elements.

    RQS gets money from the AF so big blue gets to keep control over their "save the pilot" program. STS gets money from SOCOM and SOCOM isn't about to give its PJs up to big blue to sit on a FOB and wait for a pilot to finish flying a sortie "just in case."

    For awhile, the AF pulled ALL PJs from ACC and put them under AFSOC but SOCOM was using the assets so much that the AF was unable to get any RQS for the aircrew recovery mission. This is the main reason they moved them back under ACC. Again, that's not to say ACC PJs don't get to play, they do .. quite a few of them run with the SOF pack frequently on their deployments. But they will also have to bite that bullet and provide CSAR watch for big blue on occasion as well.

    ACC PJs are Special Operations personnel assigned to a conventional rescue element doing Special Operations. It's a crazy world!

    If this doesn't clear it up, feel free to e-mail me any more questions you have.

    Outside of that, there's nothing else really that's for public consumption.

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