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What mountain bike frame size would you recommend?

I've had lots of different advice from shop assistants & from online charts & guides. I can't seem to get a straight answer. I've been recommended 16" all the way up to 20". What dual/full suspension mtb frame size do you think would suit a person with the following measurements?


Height; 5' 7"

Inseam; 32"

Thanks for your help!

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    For most mountain bikes you want a frame that is 59% of you inseam and allows 2-4 inches of clearance when you stand over it. 32 X .59 = 18.88 inches If the frame is too small the cockpit will feel cramped and the handle bars will be a lot lower then the saddle. Too large and you will have to lean too far forward to reach the handlebars. A women's specific bike will have a shorter top tube then the men's version. Have the bike shop set up bike for you to try, the fore and aft position of the saddle can make a big difference in the reach to the bars.

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    I would go to the bike store and stand directly over the bike, making sure the bike frame is in between your legs. If your able to put both feet down on the floor comfortably and the frame is not touching you then this would be a good fit. Hope that helps. Generally you want to have a few inches of room between you and the frame while standing up vertically.

  • Depends where you're comfortable. I know you said you already went into shops, but that's your best bet when finding the right frame size. You need to try out each size (that means ride the different sized bikes) and see which one you prefer. Any good bike shop will let you take test rides in the parking lot.

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    Try this it should be clear. Note: a test ride is always the true test. Hope this helps

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    You could fit anywhere from a 16-20" depending on the model. Brands and styles differ so much that one 16" frame could be a very similar size to a different manufacturer's 20" frame. And then it depends on the geometry of the rest of the bike.

    Advice on the size doesn't really matter - you need to test ride the bikes to see what you like.

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