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Gift cards for medical care?

I just saw a headline of news that stated how medical companies are now making gift cards to give to ppl as presents. Who else thinks this is ridiculous? I mean I personally believe that health care should be a right, not a privilege. Just want your thoughts.

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    Health-care should be for everyone!

    But, I sure wish we had a Gift Card from our Private Insurance Carrier to help us when I had to have recent Major Surgery for Cancer in my Thyroid and the Lymph Nodes in my neck instead od having to spend all the money we had for Down Payments on the Surgeon and Hospital Bill! and make our children do without Christmas Gifts due to the fact that we have no money and my husband is having to take FMLA to care for me and the children for 4 weeks-with no pay-while I recover from the Surgery. We cannot even afford the Radiation and Chemo that I need .

    Since most Private Insurers will not cover Mammograms or Preventative Care, I think Gift Cards would be a way of assuring people got the necessary Preventative Care they need.

    These Cards should be available to all persons-Insured or Un- Insured!

    Source(s): Cancer Patient
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    I know of several people who are working but don't have health insurance. I would consider giving a gift card to help them pay for prescriptions, for example.

    Also- my mother-in-law is on a fixed income. She pays A LOT for her asthma medications- often using a charge card (at 25% interest) to pay for her meds. We can't afford to pay for all her medications, so we send what little we can. I think a gift card in this case is wonderful.

  • I agree with you that health care should be for everyone. Unfortunately, that's not how it is in the US. I personally know someone who would put the gift card to good use because he doesn't get health insurance at his job. It's sad. :(

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    If you have ever had to decide between medical care or food you would not think this is ridicoulous.

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