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Are Republicans happy that the US got attacked on 12/25?

"Republicans are jumping on President Obama's response to the attempted Christmas Day bombing of a U.S. airliner as the latest evidence that Democrats do not aggressively fight terrorism to protect the country, returning to a campaign theme that the GOP has employed successfully over the past decade. "

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    Leave it to liberals to attack the Republican Attack Machine making it political - by making it political in their attack of the ... hey, wait a minute ...

    Business as usual for the mainsteam(ed-up) media.

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    Of course not! They are unhappy with Obama's response and his lack of attention to security matters.

    Were the democrats happy about Katrina or 9/11? They jumped all over Bush about each when any rational person would have understood that neither was within his control.

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    For Big D: this answer shows how little dems and liberals understand how little the world works. You said how can they be at fault, the guy boarded a plane in another country? You do know when someone books a ticket from one country going to another country, the country they are going to has the final say and responsibility to allow them to board that flight. it isn't a case of you get to fly here and then we make the decision. try flying to Israel and see if they let the U.S. determine who boards a plane going to their country.

    and for the guy who said it was an attempted attack!!!???? are you kidding me. if someone comes at me with a knife to rob me and I shoot him, he still attacked me I just stopped it, a attempted attack would be if the bomber was caught in the screening not while he is lighting the substance on fire!

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    I don't believe they are happy about it. But it sure does give them what they believe is more ammunition to blame on Obama. And they will use it. They already are. They are just spite full over the criticism that Bush received during 9/11 and Katrina. Liberals don't blame Bush for Katrina as one poster eluded too. They blame him for his inaction and his corrupt FEMA program. Conservatives are a vengeful lot and don't take criticism well.

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  • Anonymous
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    No. How do you make that connection? That is absurd!

    ....and as for you article...are you aware the Washington Post has admitted to being biased in favor of Obama?

    It sounds to me like it is the Washington Post that is trying to make this political by attacking republicans, instead of looking at the facts objectively anf reporting on solutions

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    We are unhappy with the breakdown of our security efforts and the response of that idiot Napolitano.

    I am very happy there isn't a burning jumbo jet with nearly 300 people scattered over about 5 square miles of Detroit.

  • Dick "Vote for me or you're all gonna die" Cheney is hoping for successful attacks on America just to bolster his re-emergence via some puppet like Sarah Palin.

    I hope Obama is smart enough to have the NSA wire tapping Cheney and ALL his known acquaintances to catch these guys red handed not like the Anthrax and Pentagon attacks which they apparently are getting going to get away with scott free.

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    Meanwhile, Obama's hand picked security "expert" says that letting a terrorist getting on a plane and nearly killing hundreds of people is the system "working"

    When your kind says that what happened is what should be.. do you really have any place making these kinds of comments?

  • Hgldr
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    Whatever is bad, Republicans will blame on Obama. No reason or logic, just the way they've been trained to think.

  • Jo
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    I don't think anyone is "happy" about it.

    It is human nature to cease and opportunity and run with it.

    Since no one (except the perpetrator) got hurt and the response by those in command was rather pitiful, why shouldn't they?

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