Can heat affect a nation's development?

I was looking at the Failed States Index and the Corruption Perception Index and it seems that many nations that have problems, external and internal, seem to lie along the equator. This leads me to wonder if a nation that is significantly hotter may have more cultural and governmental problems. What are your thoughts?


I notice that when it is hot out, people get angry more easily

Update 2:

Australia has many poisonous animals, desert landscape, etc., but why are they different?

Update 3:

Chile also seems to be an outlier

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    Well if you think about it the one thing that all advanced nations have in common is that their land is desolate and the environment is really harsh.

    It makes sense really, the harsher the environment means the harder it is for people to survive so that means that people had to come up with new and inventive ways to find food, shelter, clothing etc.

    While most people in warmer regions where food was abundant didn't have to do much thinking and just lived off the land.

    Best example would Africa vs The Middle East & Europe

    Several thousands of years after the collapse of the Egyptian, Persian, Greek, Roman empires many people in Africa were still living in the hunter gatherer stage.

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    I think that is largely coincidence. Modern democracy happened to have developed in the temperate/northern regions and was carried from there to other locations through indicental historical actions. There may be some cause/effect in the arab states more because of how arid they are than how hot they are. Their arid-ness means that historically those regions have always had alot of competition for scarce resources, alot of infighting, and then when oil became a hot commodity, the concentration of resources made it easier for totalitarian states to thrive. Even those factors don't make decent governance impossible, but I think they might well have helped lead those countries down a particular path.

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    Farming keeps the people quiet and well fed.

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