Could discounts be applied to invoice price?

So I am looking at a vehicle sticker price around 25,000. invoice has it at around 22-23,000 could i negotiate to under invoice, then have all the military/usaa/ and other discounts tot. about 1,500 applied to the vehicle. I was doing some research and they usually say to get somewhere around invoice, but im not sure if thats with the rebates and discounts or just negotiating and then apply the discounts???

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    It depends from the discounts you named sounds like you want a GM product. If its not something in high demand you might if you are looking at a Camaro or Equinox no. You have the military discount you say that means you get supplier price which is a fair price for a car on a $25000 cars should be $400 over invoice. You also get the standard rebate as well as USAA which is $750 in most cases. If its a 2009 model you could also get 0% for up to 72 months if you wanted. I would negotiate a out the door price in most states rebates are applied after tax so that can affect the out the door price. If it is a GM product let me know If you give me a zip code and a vin number I can tell you all the rebate offer there are for that car.

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    Most of these discounts you mentioned are taken off the list price, not the invoice price.

    That's not to say you couldn't get the car for under invoice by negotiating well but if you walk in asking for a military or USAA discount they will start you at list price not the invoice price.

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    You can also do the vehicle shopping through if you browse the car loan area. You can build a car with the same specs and USAA will tell you dealers in your area that have the car and how much it costs. Often times the deal you get through that process is better than you get in person. Non negotiable price.

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