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How long does the process take to adopt a baby in the US?

And how much.

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    It takes about 1-3 months to do your homestudy depending on the agency and how fast you get all your paper work in. Than once your homestudy is done and you have a profile set up you generally go on a waiting list and just wait for a birthparent to choose you. How long you wait can vary any where from a few weeks to a few years. The agency we are working with the average wait is a year. Your wait time will depend on if you are open to any race, gender, special needs, drugs and alcohol during pregnancy, and if you are able to pay any amount of fees. Since the birthparent generally gets to choose the adoptive parents for their child you'll have better luck if you are in a good position to adopt, if you are poor, young, unmarried, and unsuccessful your chances aren't good.

    Adopting an infant in the US will run any where from $6,000-$10,000 for a private adoption (this is where you find a birthparent on your own without an agency,) and $15,000-$40,000 for an agency adoption.

    If you truly are interested in adopting you should spend hours researching online and read as many books as possible on adopting and parenting adopted children. Also join some adoption groups.

    Source(s): I have 3 adopted siblings, husband and his twin sister were adopted, and are hoping to adopt.
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    With so many countries closing down corrupt international adoption programs, a lot of people are turning to domestic adoption. Meaning that the wait is getting longer and the babies cost more to buy. I have seen the paperwork process take anywhere from 3 months to a year depending on the program and the agency. Then you wait ...

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    Take the Back-Door Route to infant/toddler adoption....go thru fostercare. Is very cheap, you get fost-adopt $$$$$ perks, can be pretty quick and I hear it's all the rage nowadays!

    This place seems to have all the tips on how to get a baby from fostercare to adopt..this foster mom knows how to cover all the baby bases..

    ""I've heard of people who want to only adopt waiting just a few months for a match, but I've also heard of people waiting a few years. Luck of the draw, I guess. If you have your heart set on a baby, your best bet is to foster, because like I said, foster parents get the first priority of whether they want to adopt their foster child or not. To increase your chances you can say you want to adopt a baby and foster babies at the same time.

    That way you have babies in your home that may eventually go to adoption, but if a baby is TPR'd and the foster parents don't wish to adopt, you will also be called."

    Source(s): Just repeating what I read!!
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    I took three years for me to get adopted and that was in 1996...but the time frame depends on whether the parents or someone else wants the child...and it cost ALOT of money....

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    the average is about 2 years, and that is about what it took us. price depends on how you go about it. foster adopt was free for us but I know it varies by state, we only had to pay 15 for the birth certificate but we fostered him off and on for 4 years before we were able to adopt him. for our daughter her birthmother found us. we paid $600 for a home study (since dhs was dragging their heels) and then about $500 for court costs and atty fees. when I was looking at adoption agencies the cost 5 years ago was between $10,000 and $40,000 most places offer a sliding scale based on the ap's income. word of mouth really helped us with placement and I know several others who found their children by that route. Our daughters birthmother was older and had 2 children and was not ready for anymore and knew what it was to be a parent again but felt abortion was out of the question. Just fyi teen moms and first time moms are less likely to place. statically they will have a child and have family support their decision to place their child for adoption.

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    Adopting from foster care is usually two-4 yrs and costs nothing. Otherwise lots of money.

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    If time and money are your primary concerns in adoption, adopt a pet.

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    A lot of money and a long wait particularly if you want to purchase a white baby.

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    You could have your own! Cheaper AND funner!

    Source(s): Adoption is a preventable disorder
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